The Simplest Prospecting Tool In The World!

Hi all,

Prospecting, whether it be for customers or distributors, is at the heart of ALL network marketing businesses!

Most of us are told to make a list of 100 family, friends and acquaintances, which is imperative.

We're not going to contact all of them right away. We may not contact some of them for 6 months or a year, but at least we have a starting point. If you have a huge base of friends and are quite influential among them, you are at a great advantage.

The fact of the matter is, if you can recruit 2-5 people for every 50 - 100 family and friends, you're doing very good! What if you could come up with 200 family and friends. You'd be off to a great start!

You see in the 'cold market' you can expect to recruit 1 out of 100 people only if the materials are good and the presentation done in the right way. That's just the industry standard.

Knowing industry statistics is very important, it tells you what you need to expect of yourself.

We now know that we have to present our products and opportunity to lots of people!

If you keep reading on, I’m going to tell you the industry statistics of the million dollar makers just a little further down.

So how do we that? How do we find new prospects, people to look at our products and opportunity? How do you get lots and lots of people to look?

Have you ever noticed that some people are just 'people, people'? Wherever they go they just attract attention and every one seems to want to be their friend.

Well I'm not one of those people and most aren't!

The simplest and easiest prospecting tool that I've found is the simple business card.

How simple is it... how easy is it... to give out a business card with a website with more information and a way to capture names and email addresses? How many cards could you give out in a week or a month?

I have a card that says nothing more than, “Look Younger, Make Money!”

It has my contact information and a link to my ‘opportunity’ webpage that has my short offer and 2 short videos.

How simple is that? How hard is it to say to someone, “I have something you might be interested in”, and then hand them a card?

How many cards do you think you could hand out in a day at the grocery store or mall, picking the kids up from school, at any public event, or anywhere? You’d have to be a hermit to not be able to hand out five a day.

The opportunities become endless!

And… you won’t be working in the cold market anymore. You’ve made a connection.

When people go to my webpage and enter their name and email address and click submit, they’re immediately transferred to my ‘main’ presentation webpage and my autoresponder kicks in and sends automated follow up messages that I design at the frequency that I determine because the money is in the follow up.

If you ‘re going to be successful in network marketing, you need to expose 100’s to 1,000’s of people to your products and opportunity and you need to follow up.

 You need a ‘capture’ page where people can enter their name and email address for more information and an autoresponder that will send them follow up information automatically, 24/7/365.

All the big money earners in the network marketing industry have been building their lists for 2–5 years. They have lists of 1,000’s of people, so start building your list today.

To create my ‘capture page’ I used a service called 12SecondCommute. They have a simple ‘capture page’ creator, everything is template driven so that after some thought you can create your own professional looking webpage very quickly. You can create multiple web pages, I have four right now.

Take a quick look at one of mine at

They also have a built in autoresponder, list builder, ad tracker (if you’re going to place ads online), contact manager (a must), video training centre and much, much more.

I’ve been using them for 1 ½ years and have been very happy with how it works and very impressed with their excellent customer service and you can try it for FREE!

Check it out at

They’re just in the pre-launch of their affiliate plan so they’re pushing that right now, however if you don’t want to participate in that, you can test and use all of their valuable tools for free.

And… during pre-launch they have some very favorable pricing… only $8 a month… that’s about 5 cents a day for something that you need and will be working for you 24/7/365.

The business card, capture page and autoresponder are absolutely necessary tools in the network marketer’s’ tool box!

Industry Statistics of the Million Dollar Earner

I promised you I would tell you the industry statistics of the million dollar earners. I got this information from a video that I recently watched on youtube. Unfortunately, it's been taken down due to copyright issues but… fortunately I took some notes.

They asked 3 different people in the audience who were millionaire earners (no companies or products were mentioned) how many people they had personally recruited in their business, in what length of time it took to recruit these people and how much had they made.

They all had personally recruited 20 or more people in 30-90 days. In other words, they started to share information with a lot of people. One guy earned 1.2 million over 2 years, another 4 million over 4 years and I can’t remember what the third guy earned.

They were then asked, what happened to the people they recruited. The answers varied somewhat because they had all recruited a different number of people, but the numbers averaged out to be about the same.

Here’s how the numbers broke down, for every 20 people these million dollar earners recruited into their business:

  • 12 people did something (that means 8 did absolutely nothing)
  • 8 were still working the business after 90 days (3 short months)
  • 4 were still working the business after 12 months
  • only 2 were working their businesses 3-5 years later

Knowing this may discourage some people, but remembering this will tell you what you need to do to earn a great income in network marketing, get out there and promote your products, your company and your opportunity to as many people as you can and as fast as you can.

And… when these guys want to increase their income, they just go out and sponsor more people and I’ll guarantee you that most if not all successful network markets are using a capture page and autoresponder and giving out business cards.

Get your free trial today! If you like it, upgrade at about 5 cents a day!

I also told you I would tell you how to print your own business cards for next to nothing. I get blank cards from my local office supply store. They end up costing me about 5 cents. Then I do a google search for Avery business card maker and there they have a template. I print in the information I want and it prints 10 cards to each sheet. Simple, easy and inexpensive.

So there you have it, the industry statistics that tell you what you need to do to be successful in network marking, the simplest prospecting tool in the world (the business card) and a way to have a professional looking capture page with an autoresponder so that you can start building your list quickly.

I hope you found this information useful.

Live abundantly,




PS. If anyone wants to join me to work to earn a million dollars over the next few years, contact me.

PPS. Something else I learned from the video is, million dollar earners still go to generic trainings and motivational conferences.

This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Bob Broughton
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