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Hi  My name is Shirl 

I work with a company call HBN,  (heart body soul)  (green is health) this is my business name, And I call my name that  because everly thing green is healthly for you, Weather it is vegetables, fruits. They are all doing your insides good, and your skin as well. And your health. My products are oils, pain & sleep cream, cosmetics  weight loss, soaps, the soaps you can wash your hair, I have use the soaps to wash my hair (hemp seed) it make you hair very soft shiny, Your skins has a fresh feeling. The oils do a great deal of things for you, for your skin, mind, your pet dog, there are a lot more that the oils can do to help you. Pain cream is amazing it relaxes, just before bed and yes you have a great night sleep, ( I used it last night and I had the best sleep ever. Pain cream I am using it even now and cant believe how it works on your pain,( but it dose.) The weight loss has got a great taste and it makes you feel that you don't want to eat anything like you have had a meal. Cosmetics your skin feels so soft and fresh. I have only been with HBN for only 6 months now and I really enjoy, using all the products, And waiting for the post man to bring my orders to me . The feeling I have inside when I know that I have one of my orders at the post office it is a overwhelming excitement. I know all the products work, And this is why I have been trying to get as many people as I can to show then what a great natural organic products are the way to go to keep your whole self feel from chemicals. your body dose not need Chemicals. Thank you.This is why I believe HBN and what they say they are.  And you know every products that are that you are ordering are the nothing but the best for you and your family. This is why I have been telling my friends, People in shops that I go to I always leave them one or two of my business cards, and they give them to other people and so on. I even give my business cards to the tellers in the bank, and they pass the cards on for me, with out me asking them too, then in a few days time you see that you have got people that have join on to your website, and I can tell you that is the best feeling out there that you have reach more people, So no matter where you go weather it is a shop, café to have a coffee leave your business card, and you will see there are plenty of ways to get the word out there. 

Shirl Holley   
This article was published on 03.04.2019 by Shirl Holley
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HBN - health, Free to join

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Tracy Ward Nice Shirl. Well written  1 month ago

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