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Hi fellow marketers

Just a quick announcement as to why i joined CFX . 

 I have been looking for a while at forex but nothing jumped out at me that said come on join me, then a friend of mine said come and take a look at who i am involved with so i did.  Needless to say thi company had it all Integrity, Liquidity, Transparency, Honesty and Respect for its customers with a train while you earn attitude.

So i got back in touch with my friend and said so how do i make this work.

Buy a $300 dollar trading pack he said then sit back relax go through the training if you want and check your balance once a week.

So i took a leap of faith and did as he suggested.

That was three weeks ago and this will be my third payment.

I made a mistake when i first joined by not buying the trading pack at $300 but the training pack.

but my friend said no worries enter a support ticket send in the difference and they will put it right for you.

So this i did and after a couple of weeks from first joining they refunded the money i paid in then set me up with the original trading pack which i thought i had purchased. and issued me with the trading for those two weeks as well.

 I am so grateful  to my friend for this opportunity and want to offer it out to everyone The starter is $300 dollars but i will be using higher trading packs to all of which can be seen on the site.

CFX trading platform

The payment method they use to purchase the trading packs is via bitcoin. Therefore before purchasing it is necessary to make sure that people have at least $320 in bitcoin in there account to cover any fees accrued by their provider. The proovider i use is 

recommended bitcoin account

mainly due to you can earn from them too by learning about different types of currencies

I highly recommend CFX to anyone who want a hands free trading system and who prefers a weekly payout with the option of saving to reinvest as i am doing thank you for taking the time to read this article and have an awesome day with whatever you do


This article was published on 25.10.2020 by Alan Brooks
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CFX - Forex trading portal, 300 USD to join

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