So you love wine and wine tasting....why not make it your business??

Your wine loving friends will love you! You bring 5 bottles of Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wine for your friends to try & enjoy. You even bring the glasses and some sample pairings or light easy bites.

You get to do a little educational stuff like: how to store wine, why people swirl it, why we aerate reds, how to pick up on certain smells & tastes and why specific foods pair best with specific wines. Then people get to order whatever wines they like and you earn discounts and free wine!!!!

Traveling Vineyard has been in business since for over 25 years.  Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are committed to bringing joy through a relaxed home tasting experience that demystifies wine.

They are the 1st company to offer In-Home Wine Tasting events.  Because they believe you should be allowed to try a wine before you buy it.  There are only 3000 Wine Guides in 40 stated loving every thing they do.

A winery that does everything but grow grapes.  
Not exclusive to just one vineyard.  
Work with vineyards across the world
- Produce, bottle and label all of our products,
- Offer them at the lowest prices possible to our customers  
Believe everyone should have access to fine wine
Able to offer competitive prices on incredible wines 

Wines from all over :  Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, California, Oregon or Washington   

Boutique wines, which means they are all about quality vs. quantity. 

So let me tell you a little bit more about The Traveling Vineyard.  We were established in 2001 and our mission is 2 fold:

1: We think there’s a certain stigma attached to drinking wine & people would like to know a lot more about wine, but don’t know who to ask or where to go…sure, you could 

- pay to take a course
- pay to go to a wine tasting
- take the drive to a vineyard but even there,
- they just really talk to you about THEIR  wines.  They don’t really teach you the stuff you really want to know…Stuff you understand and can actually use...I will.     

2: We also believe you should get to try the wine before you buy it.  

The problem is that so many wine drinkers, continue to buy the same 2-3 bottles of wine, over and over and over again…BORING!!!  
 - So many wines out there for you to try
 - Waste $20 on a bottle of wine
- May or may not like

We think you should be able to relax with your friends & family & try new wines you wouldn’t ordinarily try …AND do it for free! We also believe you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to travel the world to sample the finest wines. We do that for you and bring it direct to you and save you money by working direct with these smaller vineyards.   


 All of our award-winning wines come from boutique vineyards.  A boutique vineyard is like a mom & pop restaurant.  If you picture a mom & pop restaurant –they concentrate more on quality than quantity.  They use only the best ingredients, everything homemade & made with love. 

We don’t have huge bottling operations like some of the ones you see in the store….those guys do 10 million bottles a year & our guys do a few thousand.  So tonight at checkout – when you are deciding how much you want to order – remember there isn’t an endless supply

The quality of our wines is so far superior to anything you will ever taste in our $16 price range.  If our wines were sold at the vineyards or in stores – they’d be about twice the price! 

So you want to give your boss a unique gift that he can’t get anywhere else or that he thinks is a pricey $60+ bottle of wine – give em one of mine.  He doesn’t need to know you only paid $16 for it tonight. 

Because our wines are meant to be enjoyed when you get them, we don’t pump our wines full of all sorts of preservatives & extra sulfites and such that can give people bad reactions such as hives, migraines, allergic reactions or the dreaded wine flu.  

This article was published on 23.11.2016 by Mary Jo Smith
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