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WebTalk is FREE to join and always will be. There is no requirement to buy anything. All you have to do is invite people to join and use the platform. You will be paid 10% commission on all revenue generated by your referrals. WebTalk also offers a Bonus 5 level commission plan for life that pays 10% revenue share when you upgrade to Pro or refer a Pro member. There is no requirement to upgrade to Pro or refer a Pro customer to earn on your first level. It is completely free to earn on your first level.

Joined Webtalk you can do so here;

Your job is literally just to invite people to connect with you on Webtalk. Webtalk will inform your referrals about the Referral Rewards Affiliate Program to encourage them to invite their contacts as well. Webtalk will also let your referrals know the power of the Pro features to get them to upgrade.

(1) Complete your profile to 100% (using the completeness meter on your profile) and you are qualified to earn commission from your DIRECT referrals

(2) Refer your first Pro customer OR upgrade your Webtalk account to a Pro premium package and you will earn the bonus 5 level commission plan

(3) ONLY the first 1 million qualified affiliates to reach $200 in total sales (your own upgrade will also be counted towards your total sales) will KEEP THE BONUS FOR LIFE. The bonus will be discontinued once it has been given to 1 million affiliates.

Complete your profile with:

Your REAL name

Your REAL profile photo

About Me



(Note: if you dont have current job, then put Independent Affiliate Marketer @ Webtalk)

Your education history/background


Using your real name and real profile photo makes it easier for people to find you.

Upload your 2,000 x 350 Profile Banner. On your profile page, click Edit, upload banner, then click Done.

All users must enroll in the free affiliate referral program to be eligible to earn commissions. In order to enroll in the free Referral Rewards affiliate program, your profile must be 100% complete.

You can refer to the Profile Completion meter (on the right & below the profile banner) for your status.

Click ? and you will see the list of items you must complete:

Add your experience (+15%)

Add your education (+15%)

Upload your photo (+10%):

(Your real photo)

Add a short bio (+15%)

Add 10 connections (+15%)

Add contact info (+15%)

Get a recommendation (+15%)

Connect With The Person Who Invited You

Send a connection request to the person who invited you after you have signed up for an account.

You will be asked to categorize your connection; you can choose to allow to

Access Professional Network data and/or

Access Personal Network data

Professional is for your business, Personal is for your family and friends.

You can add Tags to your connection for easy Search and News filtering.

(5) Click Confirm Request and you will be connected.

Three Simple Ways To Manage Relationships on Webtalk

(1) CONNECT: This option will

add person to your contacts,

instantly follow public news of the person,

send a connection request asking them to connect with you. Upon acceptance, private messaging is activated

(2) FOLLOW: This option will

add a persons public news to your newsfeed without sending them a connection request

(3) SAVE CONTACT: This option will

add a person to your Virtual Rolodex with notes and keywords

does not send a request to the person

do not see their news appearing in your newsfeed

Learn about Webtalk and its affiliate program

Webtalk offers awesome features. It has patent-pending SocialCRM, patent-pending newsfeed and much more.

WebTalks SocialCPX offers a REAL opportunity to build a 5, 6 or 7 even figures residual monthly income if you so wish.

Start sharing this life-changing opportunity with your family members, friends, colleagues, and associates. This opportunity is by far the simplest way to create an online income. It could be life-changing for any ordinary folks if they so wish.

Your immediate goal should be to build a sizable number of referrals in your network to serve as a strong base to grow your 5 level team. You would want to encourage your referrals to do the same as it will expand your network much faster. Keep on sharing this ground floor opportunity to acquire referrals. The more people you share with, the more people who will signup. The more referrals you have, the higher the amount of residual monthly income you will make.

To find your referral link:

(1) Click your avatar on the top menu bar for the drop down menu

(2) Click Cash Rewards Program on the drop down menu, then click Get Referrals

(3) Send your network your referral link.

How Do I Earn Commissions and How Much Can I Earn With the Webtalk Affiliate Program?

There are many revenue sharing streams such as:

Ad Pool Rewards,

Premium upgrades,


Transaction fees

Self service ads


Swag Shop

more to come!

You will earn commissions only if you have referrals. So, your main goal is to invite people to join and use Webtalk. The more referrals you have, the higher your earnings and amount of residual monthly income.

With Webtalks affiliate program, you earn 10% commission on all revenue generated by your direct referrals. Webtalk also offers a bonus of 5 level commission plan. With the bonus of 5 level commission plan, you arent just rewarded for your own efforts. You are also rewarded for the chain reaction of referrals you created. This makes a huge difference. You will earn 10% commission on all revenue generated by referrals in each level through 5 degrees of separation.

When your referrals use Webtalk they help generate advertising revenue and you earn a commission. You will also earn commission if your referrals purchase Webtalk products/services.

How much commission you can earn with Webtalks affiliate program will depend on:

(1) How much your referrals use Webtalk

Your referrals using Webtalk helps generate advertising revenue through ad impressions. The more they use the platform, the more ad revenue will be generated and thus the higher amount of revenue share as commission you can expect to receive.


(2) How much your referrals spend on Webtalk

Yes, its a long term vision. So, focus on inviting people to join Webtalk to build a solid base that serves as the foundation of your network. Be persistent and you will have a sizable network that will generate you with an incredible residual income in the years to come.

As a Beta user, you have a ground floor advantage. You are eligible for the bonus 5 level commission plan. So, you are not just rewarded for your own efforts, you are also rewarded for the chain reaction of referrals you create thru 5 levels. Only 1 Million people will be accepted into the 5 level bonus program! Go Pro or refer a Pro Member to get paid for levels 2-5.

How To Get Referrals

Share your referral links!

Add connect with me on Webtalk with your referral link whenever you

make a post on social media

send a message

send an email

People who click your referral link and sign up with Webtalk will be tracked and attached to you for life.

Use the Find and Invite Contacts feature, and Webtalk will send an Invite email with your referral link. You have three options to import, Gmail, Yahoo & Microsoft. You can also type individual email addresses into the box to bulk send invites.

Share Your Public Posts To Get Referrals

Each of your public posts on your newsfeed has a unique URL with your referral id embedded. You can share these URLs anywhere on the internet. People who click these links will be directed to the post on its own page. If they like what they see, they will want to join Webtalk by clicking Join Webtalk. Once they are signed up with Webtalk, they will be in your 1st level of referrals. Anyone they refer will be on your 2nd level and so on.

To get the URL of a post

(1) Go to the post you want to share

(2) Click the 3-dots icon on the top right hand corner

(3) Click Copy link

(4) Place the link where you want to share the post

Webtalks limited-time offer of 50% off the Platinum Annual subscription price for LIFE is available for the first 30 days after you signup. The price of the annual subscription is reduced to $200 from the normal price of $400. It works out to be about $16.67 per month. Take advantage of this limited time offer to lock in your annual Pro subscription at 50% off the normal subscription price for life and get the Bonus 5 level commission plan FOR LIFE

Upgrade your account to Pro today.

With the limited time offer, you can lock in your annual subscription of PRO Platinum plan at 50% discount for life, it works out to be about $16.67 per month.

You can use the Pro Premium features for better relationship management and grow your business. For example, Spotlight posts sends both email and internal push notifications to all of your contacts at once when you make a post. So, when you post your marketing message or important announcement as a Spotlight Post, all of your connections will receive notification of your post, it will help improve your open rate as well as conversion rate. The value of this feature alone is far more than the cost of the Pro Upgrade.

Your annual subscription of PRO Platinum plan will enable you to keep the bonus of 5-tier commission plan FOR LIFE.

Pro Premium Features:

1. Contact Management

PRO CRM features offer dealmakers and entrepreneurs more organization of your contacts to easily manage your current and prospective customers, investors, vendors, partners, team members and recruits. Your contacts will be placed into an easy-to-use file tree for quick searchability and assigned a dedicated newsfeed group channel to send and receive updates with your specific groups. Simply add custom tags for departments, industries, services and more to provide an instant searchable sub groups for all contacts.

2. Messaging

Private messages are a great way to reach new people whether you are marketing, hiring, investment raising or simply looking to make new friends. PRO messaging enables you to contact people you arent connected to on Webtalk.

3. Spotlight Posts

When you have something important to say, you want to make sure its heard. Spotlight posts will help by sending both email and internal push notifications to all of your contacts at once when you post a new update. You can also send Spotlight posts to specific groups like your friends or clients. Be heard by Spotlight posts.

4. Remove Banner Ads

Tired of seeing banner ads??? No worries, they go away when you upgrade to any Pro subscription. Youll be able to enjoy Webtalk AD FREE when you upgrade to Pro.

5. Who Viewed Your Profile

Want to know who has checked out your Webtalk profile? As a Pro member, you can. Go Pro and get a complete list of everyone who has ever visited your profile.

6. Stealth Profile Viewing

Want to visit someones profile without them knowing? With Pro Platinum, you can. When you upgrade to Pro Platinum, you can browse all Webtalk users without them knowing. You can turn Stealth off on-demand when visiting any profile when you want them to know you checked them out. Go Pro platinum today to go stealth.

7. Advanced Search

No matter if you are using Webtalk personally or professionally, advanced search will help you locate exactly who you want to meet. You can search for anyone by location, job title, if they are seeking work and even by age and gender. No matter whom you are looking to find, advanced search can help.


(a) Unlimited Followers

(b) 5,000 Connections

(c) 50 Professional CRM Contacts

are all included for free in the basic service

When you upgrade to Pro Platinum, You get both Unlimited Connections and Unlimited Pro CRM contacts.

With Pro Platinum, you can send up to 20 Spotlight posts per month. When you make a Spotlight post, it sends both email and internal push notifications to all of your connections on Webtalk (recall that you can have unlimited connections with Pro Platinum). The value of this feature alone already far exceeds the price of subscription. Imagine you have hundreds of thousands of connections and you make a post that contains your marketing message as Spotlight post, each and everyone of your connections will receive an email and internal push notifications about your post. It will improve your open rate and thus your conversion rate.

Another great feature of the Pro Platinum is messaging non-connections. You can send up to 20 messages to people you arent connected to. This feature comes in handy when you have a significant message for people you arent connected to. It provides you with an opportunity to reach out to them by sending them a message.

Keep on inviting people to join you on Webtalk to build your referral network. Also help your referrals understand better how Webtalks features and its affiliate program can help them achieve success.

If you get 10 referrals, and each one of your referrals gets 10 referrals, and each one of the referrals of your referrals also get 10 referrals, so on and so forth, you will end up with 111,110 referrals in your 5 level referral network. Can you visualize the potential earnings?

What if you made $0.50 per month per referral?

$50 per month from 100 referrals

$500 per month from 1,000 referrals

$5,000 per month from 10,000 referrals

$50,000 per month from 100,000 referrals

This can change your life!

DISCLAIMER: This is an estimated example of what could happen, but individual results may vary. Commissions are based on how much advertising revenue your referrals and the referrals of your referrals help generate.

Webtalk has just launched Ad Rewards Pool, a first-of-its-kind rewards program that issues points for your engagement, posting, sharing, liking and your referrals who create engaging and popular posts.

You earn points when you use Webtalk. Points you earn will redeem for cash every month, available worldwide.

How Do You Earn Points?

(1) You earn points from your own daily engagement on the site

login to your account

post your content

like other members posts

comment on other members posts

share other members posts

(2) You earn points from your newsfeed posts engagement

When others view your posts

When others like your posts

When others comment on your post

When others share your posts

(3) You earn matching points when your direct referrals earn points. If you are qualified for the bonus of 5-tier commission plan, you also earn matching points when referrals in your 2nd to 5th level earn points

You must have completed your profile and enrolled in the FREE Referral Rewards program to earn points.

This life-changing opportunity is indeed a simple way to build a real solid monthly residual income if you are serious about it.

Act NOW!

(1) Complete your profile if you havent done so

(2) Enroll in the FREE Ad Pool Cash Rewards program

(3) Use Webtalk actively to earn points

(4) Keep on inviting people to join Webtalk to build your network.

(5) Secure the bonus 5 level commission plan that rewards you for the chain reaction of referrals you created and 5X your potential commissions!

Join this amazing opportunity here:

This article was published on 08.06.2020 by Ronald Tate
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