How video marketing can boost your business

Many of us are familiar with the normal routine of scouting for new recruits, clients by talking to everyday people, going to events, etc. After all that’s how the business stay afloat right. Although this method may work in a sense there is actually easier much more efficient way than running around all day. Using video marketing. Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t like being on video” or “does being on there make a difference?” Well I am here to tell you that the use of video is essential to your business and if you haven’t started it or considering it take a look at these reasons.

Builds your brand

That’s right the obvious putting out content is great but if a potential prospect cannot see who you are then it makes it more difficult to define who you are. Video makes it possible to get an idea of what you stand for. You don’t want your network marketing business to define you because you never know what could happen to the company tomorrow. If you are in health & wellness make video about the importance of weight loss or building muscles. When people see you on video they likely become more engage and get a better sense of what you stand for.

Builds know like and trust

Here is the main point of doing video versus written content; It can build know, like and trust. When people see a video, they likely become engaged because it feels as though you are having a conversation with them. It is basically a psychology of video verses print. Once individuals get to know who you are and the content delivered resonates with them it is likely that they start to like you. Finally, with consistency present, trust starts to develop which when a offer is present chances are your audience will buy from you. People tend to buy if they like and trust you period given the sense of comfort they tend to feel.

Having you in multiple places at once

The traditional way of running a business is to do everything yourself (training, recruiting selling etc.) however with technology of today, in particular with video that doesn’t have to be the case. By using video, you can accomplish all of that 24/7 that way you can focus on other things. When business starts to get bigger task tend to get hectic therefore why not make it easier for yourself? After all having a business is achieving independence right?

Wrap up

There you have it using video is a must have if you are serious about exploding your business. If you still have that little voice in your head which keeps you guessing whether you can be successful or not start small. Try doing a video for one minute. Next video two minutes. Afterwards see how you did and also get feedback from your audience. It is the same analogy as riding a bike. Keep the training wheel on until you are ready for the two wheels only. Remember everyone doesn’t start off as an expert rather they had to build there way up to what they are now. If those leaders can do it so can you!

Hope this information helps you!

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This article was published on 02.07.2019 by Miles Washington
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