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Did you know that you, right now, could join a program that will pay you $100 for a free set up in 72hrs or less? And all to rent something that you will probably never use! Welcome to We Rent FaceBook.

I'm sure you have seen ads and banners when you are surfing the web or on Facebook on the web. Those ads are placed there to get people to click on them, companies pay a site to advertise for them, they in turn they pay people like you and I to post the ads for them.

Just a quick overview of WRFB. They run FB ads for larger companies who advertise online; instead of placing the ads themselves, or having us sign up with them to do it manually, they place the ads using our FaceBook ad account to do so, paying for the use of each account

Our company uses your FB ad account to advertise things like health & beauty products, baby products, clothing. It is completely secure, because once they set up your ad account in the initial session, they are able to place the ads without your actual account. They will never access, save, or even view any of your internal fb info or your personal information.

They will NEVER:

  • Post to your FB Wall
  • Read Your Messages
  • Read your Notifications
  • Access anything else on your account OTHER than your FB Ads

I have all the notifications set up for my account and I have never had an issue.

The company needs people like us because each FB ad account is limited as to how much they can spend on ad campaigns, therefore each page is only allowed so many ads. For the company, its more efficient to pay us to use our ad account to do this rather than them creating a bunch of fake pages to run ads. That would be unethical. The fb ad account that we all have is not being utilized by active users like us; most people don't even realize that it is there! Our homeworkers just let them use it for awhile! And as long as a person can meet the easy requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Live in the United States or Canada
  • Actively use Facebook from your own computer and internet connection
  • Have a Paypal account to accept payments.

....the person can join and earn through the company!

Now lets get to the important part, THE MONEY 

As I mentioned before, once you are signed up and qualified, you are immediately sent $100 via Paypal for use of your ad account for 6-8 weeks. Further use is negotiated at the end of 8 weeks.

You also get a nice $25 for each person you refer to the company with NO LIMIT!!! How many people do you know that want a free $100? You can create or replace a check with those types of commissions, and don't forget its COMPLETELY FREE

Also while I'm just getting started recruiting, I can tell you that the money is definitely real! (I can show you proof once we connect, was going to place the proof pic here but this website doesn't like the pic for some reason.

If you want a part of this free money, Contact me on Facebook here Kenya DrkNLvly Stallworth and I will give you further instruction....To our collective success!

This article was published on 23.05.2016 by Kenya Stallworth
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