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Kyäni & Fleuresse - What a Team - From the Biggest Skeptic - ME!

Being the Skeptic that I was I didn't ever think that I would get my energy back.  In Christchurch, New Zealand we had massive earthquakes every day for years from 2010 and even now we still get them but thankfully not as severe or daily.  Our city was destroyed and we had to completely start over again.  In fact we weren't allowed into the city area for close to a year as buildings were still falling apart.  There was so much to be done to bring our city back.  It's still not completed but it is getting there slowly.  In Christchurch we are no longer allowed high rise buildings which shows the impact on what it did to our city.  The fact is that we can no longer have these buildings for the fear that another series of earthquake will crush it again. 

So with these earthquakes came Depression, not just to me but to a huge majority of the city.  For me it has been a very long and hard 6 years - not wanting to leave the house, staying in my room, etc.  Even to the point of going to the kitchen again, as that was where I was standing at the very time the earthquake struck.  I couldn't go back there for at least 3 months which meant my husband had to do the cooking.  I could sleep for hours a day and then sleep a whole night.  My children needed me and I had to be brave in front of them which was particularly hard.  Only after leaving them in their rooms to go to mine and break down and cry.  Depression sucks!

So this Skeptic - me - decided to try something which a friend offered.  A way to become financial as well as a benefit to me which was desperately needed. Taking Kyäni for even such a short time as 2 months I'm a different person.  I'm glad to have "me" back.  I'm cooking, baking, going for walks and most important for me - my photography.  That is a huge part of who I am and to be able to go out and do my photography again (my passion), makes it all worth while.  I truly believe Kyäni did that for me.

So for me to be able to do what I want and when I want again, I want to be able to share with other people something that actually works.  Not something I want you to sell and make money from - well it all helps, but something that WORKS. Something to help you become healthy, give you a boost of energy to get you going again, and most of all happy.

So come along to my page and take a look at what it's all about:-

This short video clip will tell you all about the Triangle of Health - (all natural products) and how it will benefit you:-

Scientifically proven - it's got to be good for you.

And now, to help you even more they have created Fleuresse which is a beautiful new skin care range, doing amazingly well around the world.  People are doing 30 Day Challenges to see the differences, specifically with lines and wrinkles, blemishes etc on their faces.  It is definitely working.  Both products have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - BUT - You're NOT going to need it.

Raewyn Murray (Kyäni Distributor)

This article was published on 22.06.2017 by Raewyn Murray
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Kyäni and Fleuresse - Health and Beauty, 399 USD to join

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