Do you like to waste money?

Let me ask you a question... Do you like to waste money?

Now, the answer to that question can be a little complicated... I know people who like to head to the Casino and drop their hard earned cash into the "one-armed bandits". They consider it entertainment, but I consider it wasting money!

But, for the most part, I believe most people really hate wasting their money.

What about time? Do you like to waste your time on something?

Again, it can be argued that some activities are a waste of time to some people, but not to others... like playing video games or surfing on Facebook!

But, the short answer to most people is that they don't like to waste their time on something right?

So what about promoting your online business... why would you want to waste your money and time on promotional sytategies that don't work?

No one wants to do that... right?

But people do it every day! And sometimes they don't even realine it!

They think that they are spending money and time to promote their online business, but they are really just spinning their wheels!

So, how do you know if the promo strategy you are using is profitable or not?

You track it!

You use tracking software to measure the number of clicks you get on a specific ad strategy.

There is a classic book, Scientific Advertising, written by Claude C. Hopkins way back in 1923. his book is recommended by more advertising geniuses thank any other... it's a classic.

You can buy it on Amazon or, better yet, you can Google it and find a free .pdf version that you can download... in fact, I just did so I wouldn't have to look for my previous download.

So, here's the skinny... you use the tracking software to create a tracking link that you include in your online ad instead of your normal affiliate link.

The tracking link, when clicked, does two things...

1. Your click is recorded provided you with information like how many clicks did this ad get, which geographical area did the click come from, and what ad source provided the click... very useful, scientific information.

2. Your visitor is then sent to the actual desired destination... your web page, blog post... whatever you are promoting.

At the end of the day, or week, or however you want to measure your ad's effectiveness, you will be able to see if your efforts are producing results.

I hope this helps you out... in my next Business Announcement I will post another discussion on this topic where I will tell you more about how I use ad trackers, and I will give you my recommended ad tracking provider.

Submitted by Greg Ray

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This article was published on 18.07.2019 by Greg Ray
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