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BLOW BABY BLOW! Benefits of terahertz frequency for health and beauty!

One of our leaders says BLOW BABY BLOW! Blow the water and the body!

I am a user and 15 days IN, I am so excited and maybe because my cells are energized by blowing the WATER! Charged water lasts for 1 month!

This is not a medical device. It is a device that blows terahertz frequency. It is a blower. 

Blow the water and the molecules change (trying to add the image). What happens when you drink the charged water? We are ~70% water in our bodies and too much water retention is not good! Water retention causes blockages in our bodies. 

Cooking, spraying your face, watering plants with this charged water makes a visible difference inside and out. 

Did you know the largest organ is our skin? We need to treat from the inside. Terahertz blowing on your body heats down to the bone marrow and stem cells. 

  • Kills free radical cells (bad cells)!

Good health and bad sickness START at the cellular level. 

  • Blowing strengthens your DNA
  • Non invasive, non contact
  • Viscosity of blood is changed

Eye issues, back issues, cardio issues, breathing issues, weight issues, joint issues, gut issues, mental issues, circulation issues, organ issues, hair issues, skin issues and on and on. 

  • Heats bones and improves circulation
  • Changes face appearance (men and women)
  • Speeds up metabolism and you know what that means 

The list of results goes on and on and individual results vary. 

Make it a habit and drink water all day long. The company will have a glass water bottle soon to market $$$

Why do these benefits matter in an MLM? This is WHY...Eazy peazy to share! Almost everyone around you has an issue or knows of someone who has an issue. 

The leaders are calling this a first aid device to have in every home. This is the first company I have seen as a rep where I can lead in with the product. The customer is not obligated to be in the business. It is organic and they will start making money! Then the customer can decide to pay maintenance $30 out of their earnings per month to be a rep. The customer will have so much improvement that they are excited after years of issues. THAT IS ORGANIC! 

The more I learn, the more I am overwhelmed and I believe you will be too! 

I am warning you that this is FAST PACED in a great way! This is a global opportunity! Yes I had people I know say NO and that is a shame because you want them to be healthy.

Yes there are glitches as a ground floor opportunity, but that is not stopping me signing up reps all over the world and feeling really good about helping people with their health! 

This article was published on 14.07.2022 by Barbara Thompson
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