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My First And Last MLM Company...

Be Honest…

Are you worn out on attempting to grow a team? However, the startup cost is out of this world, or you find partners just to have them quit 30 to 90 days later since they can't manage the cost of the month-to-month autoship?

Does this sound familiar?

That’s why I love LiveGood. It’s like a breath of fresh air because they are thinking outside the box! Besides the fact that the startup cost is a reasonable 1 time ($40.00), and the monthly is only ($9.95).

With only 2 individuals, you will recover your startup cost and break even on your monthly charge.

This is an easy no brainer decision, right?

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Think of the millions of Costco, Sam's Club, Netflix, and Amazon Prime members who happily pay their monthly subscriptions every month.

Live Good is slowly becoming the Amazon of home-based business. You get amazing retail products at wholesale prices.

And earn money back from the company. Truly a no-brainer because Costco, Sam's Club, Netflix, and Amazon Prime will never cut their members a check for being loyal members.

Live Good doesn’t have an auto-ship. Allow me to repeat that. 


You shop for products whenever you chose to do so!

What number of MLM companies let you do that?

Our membership is the product. A discount membership, similar to Sam's Club or Costco.

Live Good creates extraordinary products that we can share with others. Yet, we never need to purchase anything or make purchases to earn.

Almost 550,000 individuals have joined us, so don’t miss out.

The compensation plan is fair and has been adjusted for the average person in 2023. Nobody winds up with a garage loaded full of things they don't need, don't utilize, and can't sell.

You can buy a yearly membership for only $139.95 and save money on 2 months off.

>>> Take The FREE Tour Here

I’m enjoying the income and team growth with Live Good. I'm glad to share that this my first and last MLM company...

- D. Royal Ward

This article was published on 08.08.2023 by D. Royal Ward
Author's business opportunity:

Live Good - Health And Wellness, 50 USD to join
Over 600,000+ and growing fast, our mission is simple. We help you get healthy and build wealth. No autoship, no sponsoring required, no required product purchases.

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Brandon Nilsson I've created a free system specifically for my Livegood team to use. Even if you're not on my team you are welcome to use it also:  4 months ago

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