Everyday can be payday 1% a day in Crypto

Hello MLMGateway community my name is LK Spigner and I am so happy I found this  group.  I have been in the network marketing, MLM arena since the 1990's  I have been in just about every company from Amway, which many still consider the Grandfather of all the multi level marketing companies, and believe it or not AMWAY is still alive after 60+ years.  Not bashing AMWAY, and I know some of they're products are world-class and the pay plan is awesome, God love the people who like that type of business model, I failed miserably with AMWAY, and businesses modeled like it. 

As the years pasted, I was introduced to many other businesses, I tried Pre-paid Legal, Melaluca, and many others.  Unfortunately I just did not have the ability or skills, and I know many others who are trying to make money on line have the same problem I had, and the problem is, they just can't get enough eye balls on their products, or service to make enough money (CASH) sales or commissions to break even with monthly auto ship cost or other fees associated with the business.  A marketer can only bleed so long, especially if you have an  auto-ship / monthly payment  that's going out, and nothing coming in!  

I went dormant for a lot of years, but still had mind open for something the would make money online.  Then around 2013- 2014 I got into a business model where I actually Made some serious CASH..  Those two years I netted over $100,000...  the business model was not MLM, it was a dropship program using Amazon, and eBay.  The program was called D$-Domination, and we all had a fabulous run with it.  D$-Domination was the first program where I made more money than I spent promoting it, and I mean a LOT more.

The next move after my great success with D$-Domination  was in the Cryptocurrency space Bitcoin and the blockchain were coming of age, I dove into some of the Bitcoin plays... 1, 2, 3% a day with your bitcoin made some serious money with Crypto, that was while the Crypto bull market was running strong, as it was cooling off I did get scammed by a few of the programs being run at the time, but you know the old saying, you live and you learn.  The Crypto market has cooled off over the years, but I will always have Bitcoin in my portfolio.

I'm still in the Crypto niche, and that brings me to where I think I can help anyone who is serious about making money, and don't want to go thru the recruiting issues... click on the link below, there is a short video that will explain to you how you can make 1% a day on your Crypto that can be withdrawn daily to your Crypto wallet.


This article was published on 20.10.2020 by Lk Spigner
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