The Three steps exercise that helped me overcome my limiting beliefs

Now I don't know where you are, or what your life is like at this very moment but I remember right out of high school when I was working on cars every day and driving a tow truck at night I used to think to myself: Wow is this it? Is this all there is?

But I was so focused on the moment that my mind shut off from bigger and better things and all I could think about was then and there. I was STUCK!

It wasn't until I was a little older that I realized that nothing else other than my thinking and my current (limiting) beliefs were the actual thing robbing me from reaching my full potential.

Slowly I started finding a way to overcome thoughts that were not only ruining my thinking but my life! I knew deep down I desperately wanted to run away from these limiting beliefs but I didn't know 100% how.

It was a slow but steady process for me. And along the journey I’ve picked up some great tools and processes to help eliminate this “stinking thinking”...

Soon these thoughts turned into empowering beliefs that pushed me down new roads many people were afraid to explore.

Now, there are lots of ways to shift thoughts, focus and beliefs but try this simple three step process out with me right now...

You can use this exercise and in just minutes you can overcome negativity, a fear, doubters, money problems, eating unhealthy, relationship problems, or whatever else you might be facing.

So are you up for doing this with me? Let’s let some of these limiting beliefs go right now. You and your next level are worth a few minutes. So let’s do this. :)

Grab a pen and paper/journal… and lets get after it!

Start first by writing down what your 3 biggest obstacles are at this very time that you feel are in the way or holding you back from reaching that next level...

Maybe pick one area of your life like income, career, new business, scaling current business, starting something new or whatever is most pressing in your life.

So, what are some of them: Money, lack of support, not the right time, kids, where you live, unsupportive spouse, family members, friends, time management, don’t know where to start, what to start with? It could be lots of things depending on your situation...

First let me start by saying I’m sorry you have those obstacles in your life. Trust me, I have PLENTY! But what if they were there by design? What if they are simply part of your journey? What if it’s just time to accept the challenge and simply... overcome them...

But how?

You have your list of obstacles right…?

Now here’s what’s next. Write down all of the opportunities out there (could be with a new book you have, the job you have, or this new opportunity you now have).

I want you to make a big list of what you know is possible (think big)!

Imagine having more time to work on yourself, spending more time with family, making more money, not worrying about paying the bills, meditating more, reading more, eating healthier, going on your dream vacation when YOU want, and never reporting to anyone again.

Maybe it’s making a bigger impact on the world or waking up knowing you are living a life of purpose...There is no wrong answer. We just want YOUR answer...

Okay almost done! Hang with me for one moment longer as this is the most important part!

Now I want you to write down all of your strengths. Answer me this... what are you good at? Excel spreadsheets, writing, communicating, math, problem solving, speaking, video, art, maybe design (Think hard about this... What do other people say you are good at?)

Take a moment right now and jot down your strengths. If a friend was talking about you, what would they say you excel at?

By the way... You need to stop listening to people who say work on your weaknesses, it’s literally the biggest lie ever told. Go all in on your strengths and try to go from good to great in one or maybe two things.

Okay so you have your list of obstacles, opportunities and strengths... What can you start to notice?

Could your opportunities start to make those obstacles look a little less intimidating? Do you really want to let those obstacles keep you stuck exactly where you are?

Maybe unconsciously you are looking at the obstacles way more than anything else and not focusing on your opportunities and the impact it can make on your life!

So hopefully by now those opportunities are starting to quiet the obstacles.

So now it’s time to shut them down for good. You need to know that you are strong, you were meant for more, you were designed exactly how you should be and that your strengths combined with your opportunities can overpower any obstacle holding you back.

Stack your strengths on top of your opportunities and feel it. Share it out loud... Are you going to let a lack of money, unsupportive family members or no college education get in the way? NOW may be the greatest time in history for you to prosper, take control and do your own thing.

You have the power to break through any wall and accomplish all that you have ever dreamed!

When you get this frame, the sky's the limit... You can accomplish anything you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are all powerful humans... So do this exercise, invest in yourself and see what happens!
This article was published on 10.07.2019 by Yassine Kissami
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