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How to Be Among Top 3% MLM Leader


      Have you been thinking for long,how you can become mlm leader,top earner and hitter in you mlm industry. Worry no more.You can be,if you put some certain things in place.

    l want to tell you that thousands of mlm leaders we are seeing today,started from zero level, they began their mlm journey one day and didn't become a leader to that mlm lndustry in a day or week they started.

  Being a Leader in any proven MLM Business its benefits outweight being an average distributor.Before i will state all those thing that can make HELP to become Mlm Leader within shortest time, i will first of first, state the amazing benefits of becoming MLM Leader.

                            MLM Leaders Benefits.

1. Unforgettable Trips-Some mlmer's have traveled to where they never planned of being,in different time.As a leader when you get one leadership post,you will be opportune to travel with others,for global rally of your the products your company is selling. This unbelievable opportunity,it's few people that were been selected for this trip yearly.

2. Leadership Bonus- Distributors that qualify for this bonus, will be privilege to earn passive income on his 1st,2nd,3rd generation of his team respectively.This is different from immediate profit on sales,Personal Bonus,Group Bonus.

3. Earned lncentives- Those people who qualify for this incentive in their mlm business, will receive cash incentive that worth $400-$800, for purchasing, A Car,A House or others as they c qualify choose.

4. Profits Share- The leader will have the chance to qualify for the Profits Share program of the Company once you attain some level like Manager. Some were given check that is above $100,000-$1,000,000.

5. Personal Development- You will be opportuned to learn new skill sets and attitude.ln order to build your mlm business & training.   

   What Do You Requires to Become MLM Leader ?

1. Take NO For Answers- Those we can see today have one face one problem or others in building their mlm business, but they didn't give up,they continue building their mlm business in the face of all odds. You are going to face ups and downs in cause of building your mlm, you need to be a Man or Woman that refuse to give up when challenges arises.Challenges of life or business is make us great not break us.

2. Attending MLM Events. This is aspect is very imperative.You need to be attending local,state and National Event, especially the mega event where all top leaders and distributors will be.This will give  the Speaker to showcase to the entire audience all what he had done to record massive success in their mlm business.

 By replicating this,you won't be for being a leader you have being aiming at. Attending an event like this, will help you to know the secret of those leaders success.This is an open check for you that tap into.Missing an event like this in a year,is like missing golden opportunity.Event like worth flying from one Country to others,to attend.

You also need to encourage your team to be attending different kinds of your mlm meeting and major event, when they know all what they need to know in becoming the leader they wanted to be,this will automatically help you as their leader.

3. Constantly Training-You need to continue to train your team,this will undoubtedly help them, on how they can master recruiting, sponsoring,doing presentation,mastering online marketing and offline  marketing,how to handle rejection,how to recommend mlm opportunity to the prospect and the others.

    lt would the best thing,if your training can be automated training that your downline can easily plug in to immediately they join your team.Automatically,such training would be available for them 247 when they join, this will help to know all what they need to know in building their mlm business without your personal effort again.

     Majority of prospect are novice to the skill sets they suppose to know before joining your mlm team,so if you don't training them who is going to training them? This will cause you mlm business to experience exponential grow quickly while you would be a leader in the making.

4. Setting Bigger Goals- You need to set bigger for yourself in the cause of becoming leader in your mlm business. You need to know that setting goals of what you want to achieve Monthly or Yearly will guide you toward achieving your success faster than what you can imagine.

   This will also help you be focus in building your business, when you do what you need to do every time base on what you have written down before,it would move you closer to your become mlm leader.

 You also need to train your team in setting business goals for what they want to achieve daily, monthly and yearly.As you know this will keep them focus as you are.

  lf have set the goal of recruiting 30 distributors to your mlm company within a month, at the end of if you recruited 32, you need to show this to your team and how you achieve it.Without doubting, they will be motivated to do exactly what you have done.

  As the entire team follow their daily and weekly, you will experience massive earning, massive sales and you will be recognize on top as a manager to leader.

5. Becoming A Reader- As the saying going thus,Today Reader will be tomorrow Leader.You need to keep updating yourself on how your can build your mlm business fast.

  lt means that if it requires to buy product, attend Seminar or Webinar online, you don't need to hesitate to do that because you don't know how much effect that will make in your team,you communicate what you have learnt to them.

 You need to continually invest in material or products that can increase your skill sets every time.As a matter of fact,5-10% of your monthly earning on mlm should be spent in developing yourself.Don't forget that the greatest investment you can ever made in life,is the one you have invested to yourself and your team.

 The effect of this will skyrocketed the growth of your mlm business, by the time you train downline,to be investing to themselves regularly in order to build themselves and their mlm business, moving from you to your downline, from first generation,to the second generation, to third generation,to fourth generation and to ten generation,the positive effect of this would surely shock you.

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Success is yours,


This article was published on 25.10.2016 by Olu John
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