5G is cComing...Wait It`s Here

                      It is well documented that living in close proximity to High Voltage Power Lines causes the formation of cancer clusters in children. The Electro Magnetic Frequency or "EMF" disrupts the division of cell causing mutations or cancers.

                                  It is my understanding that 5G is much more powerful at emitting "EMF" or as it is sometimes called Electro Magnetic Radiation aka "EMR".

                                 There are documented cases of students in the Pittsburgh area developing cancers found in adults shortly after a 5G tower was placed on their school, there were denials that the towers were responsible. Parents are petitioning for it`s removal in leu of the denials.

                                  The powers that be are not going to stop putting up these towers anytime soon "progress", the range of 5G is less than that of 4G so it requires more towers....more exposures. The best thing we can do is protect ourselves from the effects with "EMF/EMR" blockers that neutralize the effects.

                                              How often have you passed a car with children in it, are they looking out the windows as I remember doing when I was a child, no their heads are down looking at some electronic device absorbing EMF. Cars are equipped with "Blue Tooth" technology, more exposure.

                                    Protect yourself and the people you care about by visiting http://aegea.com/ageless and get "EMF Shields" for all of your electronic devices, while you are buying your EMF Shields, click on join it costs nothing and help me enlighten others on this and spread the word, "Each One Teach One"....your pocket will thank you. 
This article was published on 12.04.2019 by James Jenkins
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