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Fastrack is a business club that provides the structure,strategy and system to enable members succeed in networking, we work with you as a team, we partner with FOREVER LIVING PRODUCT COMPANY, our marketing plan is not a pyramid scheme, there is no cap on your income, it is effort based, downline can earn more than upline, our reward scheme is exciting; it is designed for you to earn a  Monthly bonus from fifteen thousand naira  N15,000 to Five million N5,000 naira, also Within one year of commitment to the business earn a brand new car worth 4.7million, which is renewable after every 3years, make 3times all expenses paid vacation within the same year, recieve company profit share(chiarman bonus) yearly. All bonuses are paid directly into your bank account, we do not hawk products we network professionally, if you are new in the business, team of professionals do it for you while training you  to become a professional, you start earning and learning immidiately. I am an Eye doctor by profession, but this business does not stop me from practising, I joined this business because I have the dream of giving my children good education, giving a helping hands to others, living a good and healthy life, and travelling, yes i love travelling, but my salary can't afford me all these no matter how much I save, so I decided to create another source of income for myself, I decided to do what rich men do, like Rolf kip, Donald trump, Less Brown and others. they build network, they earn residual income from group effort. It feels so good now for me to earn salary on the 30th and on the 15th a huge sum also hits my account from my personal business. there is a great need for one to have a good plan B income business incase of unforeseen circumstances that are inevitable in life, have you ever thought about what you would do if unfortunately you are been layed off at your place of work or in the case of accident and you are handicaped, so its good to build a business that your presence is not always required for you to earn, a business you can pass on to your children.
Join us today and build genuine income and good fortune for yourself. It will be sad for one to be popular and yet retire into poverty. retire into wealth and good health.
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Dr Happiness Ani
This article was published on 15.12.2015 by Ani Happinesss
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