The Main Reason For Getting Too Much Rejection, And Not Enough Signups And Sales

For many people, it seems that they get more rejection from those they talk to about their business, then they get people interested in purchasing from them.

Why is that?

Why is it, that there a few people out there who can get massive sales and signups, but for many they get told no all the time?

Well, it's not that hard to figure out, and best part is...

It's not that hard to fix!

In today's announcement we will take a look at a major factor that many people miss, that can change a person's business from rejected to accepted!

Their Aim Is To Big

One major factor in what successful network marketer's know, is that their target audience, is not that big.

By talking to massive amounts of people, you will find that most say no.

But, by talking to massive amounts of people you also find the few who say yes, but you get a massive amount of rejection.

So by closing in on the perfect "target market" you can avoid a lot of rejection, and spend more time getting sales.

Too many people are working with the wrong market, and this is why they are getting mostly rejected.

How To Identify Your Perfect Prospect

How can we figure out who is our perfect prospect to speak to?

Depending on your product, you would look for these factors:

  • Is your product mostly appealing to men or women?
  • What age groups mostly buy this product?
  • What do people who buy this product like as hobbies?
  • Where are people living that may like your product?
  • Who may have a problem your product helps with?
  • Who takes a competitor's product? Perhaps they may switch?

You have to break down as many questions as possible, and instead of considering everyone a possibility, consider only those who fit the answers to the questions.

EXAMPLE: Why spend time talking to men if your product is a skin care lotion? Of course men do buy it, but how many compared to women?

EXAMPLE: People who need to lose weight are usually not weight loss buyers, but people who are fit. I learned this from selling weight loss shakes. Those who don't "need" it, are my market. They are the ones who care most about their weight and figure, so therefore see the purchase as valuable unlike those who may need it most. There is a reason they are unfit, they do not care.

Now You Know Who, Where Are They At?

Once you have an idea of what type of person is most likely to buy what you sell, the idea is to find out where they go.

Knowing what the target market does for hobbies can lead you to where they are.

Knowing what they like to watch on Youtube can get your sponsored video a lot of leads and sales.

What groups on Facebook do they join?

Where are they online and offline?

This will direct you to advertise directly to the source, versus just putting money into running ads that are placed all over the internet.

Getting your focus to the right places, will really speed things up and make you more profits.

Did This Help?

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This article was published on 30.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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