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Let's face it, right now many people are focusing on "what is" Right? Well, it is our job to help them realize that this situation WILL get better. There is many things to be grateful for in this time of chaos. Look closely into your own life and see what there is to be grateful for. Write them down!!  Now, even with all the craziness going on like, having to stay home with our kids...who would have imagined we would be gifted such a gift, having to work from home, yeah, getting organized, gas prices going down, family connection, water, energy, social media, just to name a few. 

Yes, this is a crazy time, and some have been told to stay home without work. This is painful and sad. There is a upside. You can however make money from home. In several ways in fact. You can google different ways, but I do have an opportunity that costs you nothing to join. You can watch the owner here for complete details!!!  

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As I spoke about above there are numerous ways to earn money on line. In these times of chaos it is the perfect time to get creative, "think outside the box" and to try something new.  Yes, network marketing used to be a taboo name if mentioned in a group of friends or strangers, but today it is becoming a household name. Truthfully, do you know anyone that doesn't have some sort of "side hustle", because I don't. The truth is, that more and more people are having to have a "side hustle" just to make ends meet.  With the costs of everything going up at a rapid rate and wages at a slow pace behind, they are having to make up the difference. That is why Network Marketing is a "household name" The residual income is exactly what we need to sustain ourselves, especially in times of chaos. 

Remember, Be Safe, Be Grateful, Be Kind, 

Sending Love, and Abundance,


This article was published on 22.03.2020 by Tiffany Kiefer
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