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So I thought I was done with MLM Companies. For a while nothing caught my attention in the marketplace, so I decided to focus on FOREX Trading. If you don't know what FOREX is, I suggest you look into it when you have some spare time. Everything was going just fine until I saw this compensation plan video. This company called MWR is in the services industry so we are paid 11 different ways when people subscribe to services from our websites. What I love about the compensation plan is the fact that when money is generated it is paid to your account on the same day. All new customers have three days to cancel their service so your commissions are held until that time expires and released onto your company debit card. Consultants are also paid a 25% Matching bonus on all personally sponsored referrals. There is daily pay and monthly residual pay that you will earn a matching twenty five percent bonus on. I just thought that was amazing. There is an additional bonus, a guaranteed daily minimum of $5 you can earn very early in the compensation plan and that five dollar daily guarantee can go up to $100 per day. I'm just completely blown away buy how lucrative this opportunity is. One cool feature is the "Holding Tank". When people join you, you have 60 days to place them where you need them in your organization. You have total control of how to grow your business and maximize the compensation. They have a luxury car bonuses that start at just 30 total reps in your organization and it doesn't matter if you personally sponsored them or if you received spillover from your upline. Since you can only have 3 direct to you, you will have to place reps under other reps which helps them with bonuses etc...  The services are all solid and can stand alone from the business opportunity. Once you see them you will understand how needed they are in the industry. I'm just happy I found out about this now instead of later. I believe this will see a huge surge between now and the end of the year. I haven't seen anything like this before. Ill leave the rest of the awesomeness for you to see one the inside. There's a lot more money available for you when you join us.

Take a look at the compensation and presentation video and you will most likely join us!

This article was published on 11.09.2016 by Bryan Ellis
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