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Nexus Rewards: Empowering Generosity to Eradicate Poverty

Unfortunately, our communities and the countries at large are struggling with poverty and economic inequality.

Nexus Rewards offers a solution for those individuals in the USA who aspire to financial independence.

Abolishing poverty is something to stand for, to march for, to sacrifice for.

Nexus Rewards has developed the only Referral Marketing Program that directly addresses the issues of inflation and its affects on the economy.

Become part of the solution to eliminating institutional issues that perpetuate poverty in America.

Because of the low entry fee and free apps that create income even for free members, Nexus Rewards’ long-term mission is to help change the lives of the people they serve.

Nexus Reward’s premium membership gives more value to its members than the monthly membership cost of $21.95 per month. The initial fee is $31.95 ($10 sign up fee)

With their “Never Pay Retail Again Promise”: members save more money and get more money back on everything they buy.

• Car insurance

• Homeowners’ insurance

• Prescription drug cost by over 80%... and more

Rakuten: Free Money with Rakuten

Who ignores "Free Money" in this economic climate.  Nexus Rewards Program is designed to help users break free from the cycle of poverty by presenting innovative apps like Rakuten, Upside and Fetch.

Using Rakuten, a person on Welfare can purchase necessities like toothpaste, bath soap, detergent, cleaning products that cannot be bought with their EBT cards. They can purchase $30.00 in self-care products and recoup $30 in cash.

Even more exciting is that by referring friends and relatives to Rakuten, an aggressive referrer could earn $3,000 dollar in real cash that can have a powerful impact on the household income.

 Their premium app: Shopping Boss gives back more cash to its members for buying groceries and more...

Upside - Save on Gas

What about the people who drive for Uber. When gas prices started to rise, incomes were affected, take home pay was reduced.

However, with Upside buying gas using the Nexus Apps became a way to earn extra money while paying less for gas.

Through the Nexus reward tracking system - The user saves up to .25 cents per gallon or more every time they buy gas. When they refer others, they receive a .15 cents per gallon increase.

Becoming a Premium Member: The Path to Amplified Earnings

To unlock the full potential of Nexus Rewards users must become part of the 5x6 Matrix.

The Power of the 5x6 Matrix

The 5x6 matrix operates on a simple principle: you build your network of five members on your first level, and each of those five members does the same on their first level.

While many people criticize this business model, it is the easiest and most effective method to leverage the income of individuals who have marginal financial clout. It is a self-help mechanism that rewards hard work and amplifies the earnings of those who actively participate.

This earnings process continues for six levels, creating a vast network that multiplies the potential earnings significantly.

As members of the matrix make progress, they ascend to higher levels, unlocking even greater rewards and commissions.

The Alleviation of Poverty

The Nexus Rewards compensation plan holds the potential to eradicate poverty for those who wholeheartedly embrace its spirit of generosity and collaboration.

Poverty often stems from a lack of access to resources and opportunities. Nexus Rewards is the opportunity and  the opportunity provides resources/benefits and knowlege that is usually not available to everyone.

1. Empowerment Through Earnings: By earning rewards through Rakuten and progressing through the matrix, individuals gain the financial means to improve their standard of living and access essential resources, thus reducing the grip of poverty.

2. Education and Skill Development: As users become part of a supportive network, they can learn from others, develop new skills, and unlock their entrepreneurial potential.

This empowerment enables them to overcome poverty's obstacles and create sustainable income streams.

3. Philanthropy: Nexus has a Fund-Raising Arm that helps sustain nonprofits organizations by providing ongoing passive support.

This division of Nexus makes a tangible impact on communities by investing in education, healthcare, and other vital services.


We Can make a difference: Networkers build networks of people from diverse backgrounds all focused on a common goal.  

An interview with Matthew Desmond who wants to help us confront our discomfort with poverty — and do something about it  wrotes in his latest book, “Poverty, by America.” (Barron Bixler)

“We get in our nice cars, and we go on the freeway, and we drive past tent encampments, and we make our homes bigger, and we defund public housing and we defund public infrastructure. And this is why poverty diminishes us all. It drags us all down. The presence of the tents reminds us that the country hasn’t fulfilled its promise and that we’re implicated in that.”

I know it sounds so simplistic: Starting with a simple act of saving and earning through Rakuten/Upside and FLEX and putting those dollars toward joining the 5x6 Matrix to achieve financial indpendence but in the final solution, it is all about the numbers.  

The math works.  We input the scenario into Ai's Chat GPT to find a way that 15K homeless individuals (in New York) involved in the 5x6 matrix could achieve the $19,545.00/month within 4 months. The conclusion was that each active participant would have to be monitored to insure that the $21.95 was paid into the membership ( or that the goverment would pay this into the matrix on behalf of individuals who may have issues).  The members would have to be instructed on how to use the apps, download the apps and find 5 of their cohorts to participate. Nexus Pays out $18.00  of the $21.95 paid so its comp plan was the reason this works.  

We are all working toward that $234,540.00/year income that gives us and other individuals the choice whether to stay poor or not.

Everyone will not get on board and at that juncture we can feel good about the efforts we made to inform. But the great part of this scenario is that the possibility is there. It becomes our job to let the poor and the underpaid  know there is a simple solution to the problem.

Nexus Rewards innovative approach to financial empowerment has the potential to break the cycle of poverty and create a world where prosperity is shared by all.

Join Us Today:  We have an advertising Program to help you get to the next level Check Out My Website:

To Your Success!

Virginia Sanders,Nexus Reward Fund Raising Coach

 (916) 546-5642‬‬‬


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This article was published on 03.08.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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