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Financial Education

Failure of the school system

My generation grown up without Valuable knowledge about money and wealth. 

The reason is simple - they prepared to grow up workers instead successful people. 

Broke people teach useless knowledge, You get skills which are make You able to achieve good jobs without a skill to create wealth. 

Financial Education


The 90% of the population don't have a clue about wealth and Value financially. The only asset they own is cash which is a liability really Regards of Inflation...

The curse of the middle class ( working class)

The whole bank system, the Corporations where You shopping and the Government grow up slaves who are motivated to do more and more work simply because of their financial Situation. 


People buying crap what  they don't need from money with money they don't have. 

The debt system works well, every single household full of items which are asset for the banks and liabilities for the owners...

Debt Cycle

Government and banks creating massive Income on this debt Cycle.

- The more they spend - the more they are in debt.

- The more they are in debt - the more they work.

- The more they work - the more they borrow. 

- The more they borrow - the more they spend. 

The debt system is genious asset for the Banks and powerful liabilities for the working class 

Inflation - the Silent Thief

People pay back their debt in every single month with the agreed Interest rate top on their spendings... 

They also affected by decreasing purchase power on their cash by Inflation - but they still have to pay back the original Value what they borrowed for their shopping...

Usually is "affordable" for them and don't even care - till the rate of the Inflation being weird like Zimbabwean and Venezuelan Hyperinflation which literally take down the whole country. 

The Crisis today in Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela is the socioeconomic crisis that Venezuela has undergone since Hugo Chávez's tenure and which extended over the years into the current presidency of Nicolás Maduro. It is the worst economic crisis in Venezuela's history.[2] During the year 2016, for example, consumer prices rose 800%, the economy contracted by 18.6%,[3] and hunger escalated to the point that the "Venezuela's Living Conditions Survey" (ENCOVI) found nearly 75 percent of the population had lost an average of at least 8.7 kg (19.4 lb) in weight due to a lack of proper nutrition.[4] The murder rate in 2015 was 90 per 100,000 people according to the Observatory of Venezuelan Violence (compared to 5 per 100,000 in the US).[5]
 Original Source : Wikipedia

Solution - Diversified Asset outside of the Banking System. 

You can change Your spendings habits and turn it into savings. 

You can't beat Inflation by saving cash. 

You should find an asset which hold Value against Inflation. In this case easy way to follow the Bankers, politicians and wealthy class. 

Save gold.

Karatbars Created a powerful system to achieve Wealth by the following facts : 

 - Saving gold is available from 0.1 gram / € 7.20 approximately. 

Everyone can afford to saving Gold monthly.

- Networking Opportunity 

Everyone who own free Karatbars account can earn monthly Income by recommend Karatbars and help others to Join. 

Increase Your savings by monthly Income from Karatbars 

- Wealth System

As an Affiliate with Karatbars, You being connected to a powerful Wealth generating system where You going to see additional income from Your whole team gold and other purchase on all level, doesn't matter who referred those people to Your team. 

- What to do with gold??

1. Exchange into cash 

Once You need money - simply turn Your gold back into cash without difficulties and worry. All about is an easy online transaction. 

2. Use gold for buy goods

With an amazing mobile App called KaratPay You will be able to exchange gold into goods or services with all of the K-Exchange business partners. 

Use KaratPay and get rewards for Your shopping in gold. 

There is much more to know - open Your free account and start Your Karatbars Journey. 

Do You know... that Karatbars Created a Package for ATM Outage??

It's called KaratPay Freedom Choice. 

Join Karatbars today :

This article was published on 11.09.2017 by Imre Madi
Author's business opportunity:

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