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I hear so many people say they don't have time to build an online business.  The truth is we all build part time in the beginning.  We use the pockets of time we have to share 2-3 minute conversations with people and guide them to a video of some kind.

Those who are retired may have an advantage on those of us who work because many retirees have more time they can devote to reaching out to people, but in many ways that is not necessarily an advantage.  If we come in contact with people, we can build.  

I prefer real conversations with people.  I like to talk on zoom calls and find out what people have chosen as a business and what makes an individual tick.  What I have to offer can help people regardless of the business they have chosen.

It takes a certain level of courage to be proactive with people.  Everything we want in life is on the other side of fear.  I am not sure, but i think Jim Rohn said that first.  It's a true statement.  

There is no need for courage if there is no fear present.  You look at somebody you know you need to talk to, or think about somebody you know you should call.  All kinds of worries can go through your mind.  What if they fill in the blank.

As usual, I found out today that many of the people I spoke to thanked me for initiating the conversation and showing them an idea.  It is true that many are blowing us off and will never look at our offer, but we only find the ones who will by taking action.  

Success will come in time.  It is an established fact that the only way to build any level of wealth, personal freedom and time freedom into our lives is to build leverage into our lives.

We leverage our own efforts and we also leverage other people's efforts.  It is fair and it's a win-win for all involved when we help other people win.

In order to build a full time lifestyle, we have to build part time in the beginning in so many cases.  Please don't let a fear of having a lack of time prevent you from getting started.  It takes making that first step, and then the other steps come easier and easier.


Scott Moore

Send me a text and let's set up a time for a real conversation

This article was published on 04.11.2019 by Scott Moore
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