A Legacy before I depart from earth

Before I share my story, let me express my sincere Thanks to MLMGateway Team.

A Legacy before I depart from earth

1-Risking a life to save a baby's life:

I came on earth as second child boy to my parent, and that day as my mom was in labor with no water, my father sent a young boy to go 5 miles to get clean water. He took the courage knowing that there was trouble outside and people were shutting as in the movie. Courageous, his way to get water, Marco was caught by the militaries looking for the rebels, the young man was targeted as one investigating for rebels; because after the independence of Cameroon, there were some decedents not happy for the way the power was handled in 1960 without democracy to the first president (Ahmadou Ahidjo) .

After hours of interrogation, the militaries released Marco to go and get water; he came back the same way with water and my mom was suffering in delivery labor. The young man came home with water and recited his story. My mom delivered a beautiful boy, and the young man won the first name of new baby boy, called Marco. I would have died lake of water. I was saved by a man who risked his life, so is my tour to help the world.

2-Failure is learning, and you got to be hungry to achieve your dream:

Aged to attend classes, my father decided to have me stay home to take care of my little sister, all my friends started school and I was miserable. I remember, one day the older boy put us in competition to write, I was hungry to participate, but I failed, and everybody laughed at me. I was ashamed but courageous to go school next year. The year came, and I was registered, with determination to do the best, I became 1st in my class and held the flame until I finished the elementary school. Every year I got the gifts of school materials, the blessings for my father who does not have to buy the books for me. I was using the blackboard that parents in the quarter were using for their evening teaching. I repeated everything we learned in school at home. I was hungry to be at the top. That allowed my father to spend his annual coffee production to pay for my high school fees until I got my Accounting Assistant Certificate (1984).

3-Imminent Prince movie 2018-2020:

My grandmother was a Princess who got married to a Prince Byi Da (Daje). I got married to a girl in a family where her grand mom was Queen mother and one of the 50 wives in the Palace of King Tchoma, Fokoue, West Cameroon. The history is not written, I might have to contribute when I finish my Executive MBA in 2018. I'm planning to make a movie of my story. I will recruit people for the movie in 2018.

4- My MLM career from Africa to the USA: 
Before my MLM career, I was working as Finance Manager for Microloans company; a friend of mine introduced me to the network through the books sharing opportunity. You get $5 with you sign someone to read the book online. I started building my network. The next step was to invest money in a system that produce more (2004), I put money, got more money, but the company closed the door with our money. I was having health issue at my heart level, We started product line and I was looking to get my health back thanks to the natural product from Island produced in Utah and shipped to Africa.

I migrated to the USA and started another product line part time but couldn't be successful because of my strong access from French language, and lack of friends in the new country.  I have to build my network, while preparing my Bachelor Degree. I started offering the cheap calling cards to oversea countries, and so build my network. In 2011 I discovered my best MLM. It allowed me to buy my new Hybrid car to save the environment. I got promoted twice same year, and the company recognized me as Fast-Track Promoter. I started the government job and slowed down my MLM to learn the government system; however I was receiving residual income from what I did in 2011-2012, I'm still receiving residual until I got back to launch again my Energy business in 2017. This year my parking got 2 new cars and one last year. When I was visiting my grandson today (March), a neighbor asked me what I do, I replied, I show people how to apply for free energy and I get  residual income. It is true. My friend from Maryland sent me his electricity statement with a $1,452.96 saving out of $1,542.20 consumed; that's 94.40% in Electricity. We call it Free Energy, see how is possible here www.adm.energygoldrush.com

5-My MLM from USA to Japan:

I can't wait to have the website ready in April 2017 to launch in Japan where we will help people saving on their energy bills,  with some few consumers receiving free energy, and we will make money while sleeping. Please do me a favor, Pay your energy bill. So that you contribute to help me to achieve some dreams.

6-A legacy Before I depart from this earth:

I started identifying some poor smart children in Africa who parents cannot afford high school fees. I'm paying their school fees without collecting money. Please join me to help, by signing with your Electricity or natural gas bill, or by applying for a free solar panel for your house; you same money while helping the world. A child some place needs your help.

Now you know why I love helping others. Would you like to save money ? or Make money? I can help. Join me at www.adm.myenergy101.com click "Start your business" and together we write our legacy story.

Thank you for reading. For any question, in-box me.


This article was published on 13.03.2017 by Marco Daje
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