Beware the Flakes

Hang on a minute. Okay, that's good. All right. I almost forgot to turn on Instagram. I was gonna use my other, oh wow, that's too much. I was trying to do this without the glasses but that's not working. Alright so almost forgot to turn on the Instagram. I was going to use my other app, which is cool.

But today what we're talking about is hassles that you got to deal with when you're attempting to do anything. It started out, I'm hooking up with Uber again. I did it a year or so ago and I never ended up driving for him. But I did do all the things with my car and insurance and everything to get it set up. I had to redo it cause it's been a year, need new inspection and all this. So I've had my business registered in Nevada for more than five years and I keep sending them the business license and they keep telling me, well it has to have your name on it.  

Somebody, I'm trying to explain to them. It's a business license for a business, not for me. It's a, it's got my business name on it because when you file a business name, you, you're separate setting up a separate entity and it doesn't have your name. It has a business name. Well apparently because it's an app and it's all worldwide and everything.  

They have to deal with your name and you have to get it all cleared through one of their green light hubs. They're called. So I didn't think I was going to get it done. I made the appointment to get my inspection done just in case and I went down there and the guy was very helpful, straight up, did everything cool and it all worked out great and it just goes to show you that he, to come up with these little glitches all the time in your business and you've just going to have to find a way to get around them.

And lots of times, maybe most it comes down to finding a knowledgeable person on the other end they can get done what you want to be done and there was another, oh, depending on other people, I have a problem depending on other people. If you're in business, you do too. I'd imagine. And if you're just starting out, you will likely develop this because even in your personal life, if you look around at the fact is that most people are flakes and they do not do what they say they're going to do.

Anything that happens seems to be, an unacceptable excuse for not getting done. What they're supposed to get done, what they said they'd get done. And you're supposed to just accept it. Well, this is the way things work. You know, things don't always go your way and yeah, I get that. 

But if you're telling someone you're going to get something done and it's got to happen or it's gonna cause problems that extend far beyond where you are involved with you, it's up to you to make this happen.

I talked about this the other day. Integrity being impeccable with your word, which is the first of the four agreements and people aren't like that. They just are not. So I'm dealing with somebody new and I'm getting assurances and then I find out there's another person will often, I'm still getting insurances from guy number one, and this is a time-critical instance. I need this done.

It must be done. Or an entire thing that's planned is going to go bottoms up. So what do I do at this point in time? There are, there are factors involved where I may or may not be able to create a backup, which is what I normally do, especially if you're, if you're dealing with somebody you have never dealt with before and it's as critical as it is for me, for this thing. And things happen to very quickly in this instance, you're gonna want to back things up so that you handle when someone else flakes.

Because if you don't get good at that, if you don't recognize critical things and create backups, you're done for it because sooner or later you're going to take it hard because of something like this. I remember listening to a guy named Doberman Dan, world-class copywriter, Bad-ass Marketer, bootstrap entrepreneur, all the good stuff that you want to be. And he was talking about his, his merchant accounts.

He knows this dude is making big, big bucks and all of a sudden one day somebody at the merchant account thinks, well, we think you're a high risk. Bam shuts him down. They had a backup, right? 

So he switches everything over. No big deal. A couple of days later at that one shuts them down because now it's like a domino effect. Oh, we heard this guy was a bad risk. Yeah, I, he's a bad risk too. It's everybodys. Anyway, I think it was his third one that finally held up for him, but the point is he had in place backups ready for when the inevitable disaster occurred.

And sure enough it happened, but he was ready. And here I am. Tomorrow is the drop-dead cutoff. I'm going to check back later tonight to see if in fact my item is being shipped overnight as promised with tracking number from FedEx or whoever because if it's not, I got to set up the backup and then 48 hours is I think I can do it. All right. I'm confident I can. If must, if needs be, I'm confident I can. I can back it up at this, even that tight so there's a thing.

No matter what you're doing, you have to understand that lots of times people are not going to do what they say they're going to do. They're not going to follow through and you've got to be ready for it is. 

If you're not, you will eventually lose and hopefully it won't be something so big that it'll put you out of business, which does happen, but as long as you are thinking a couple of steps ahead and you've got your backups on hand ready to pick up the slack, you'll be great because what's cool about shooting your videos when you're walking around the neighborhood, those are some big dogs, man.

Anyway, there it is. Today's paint. Always have backups on hand to take care of things when people don't. 

Before I am completely out..check this one.

That's all I got for right now. I'll see you tomorrow. I'm out.

This article was published on 19.09.2019 by Rockit N Rebel
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