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Elevate Your Distributors Engagement with Effective Ecommerce Platform

With a challenging retail environment and mounting customer expectations, many network marketing companies are struggling to retain their customers. While the increased pressure has led some brands to turn towards new tactics, other more established direct sales companies have turned to engaging distributors in order to create more meaningful relationships with their customers. In this article, we will explore how an engagement-driven ecommerce platform empowered a disengaged distributor sales force that enabled them both deliver.

A new, innovative and engaging ecommerce platform enabled direct sales company to achieve success in the face of a disengaged sales force. The innovative platform provided the tools necessary for a highly engaged sales force to not only drive their own growth, but also that of their customers'. The ecommerce direct sales companies believe that it is not possible to design one-way solutions to customer service or product satisfaction because everyone involved has an opinion. A network marketing business cannot simply provide good products and services; they need to also have an understanding of what people expect from them, to create opportunities for customers and distributors alike. Distributors are the backbone of a direct sales business, but when they become disengaged and start to lose their motivation, it becomes difficult for businesses to scale up. However, a gamified ecommerce platform that focused on engagement helped distributors at one company become engaged and exceed customer expectations.

Customer engagement has been proven to be a key factor in driving revenue growth. A disengaged customer base not only affects the profitability of direct sales company, but also its brand equity. The module in the platform ensured that their sales force was always engaged with customers by rewarding them for every interaction and ensuring they were constantly aware of what incentives are on offer. The reward system made it possible to monitor customer activity as well as predict which promotions would work best at any given time. With the advent of social media and mobile technology, customers have been able to engage with brands on new levels - yet these interactions had no way of reaching back into the brand's CRM.

 The platform is incorporated with features such as 

  • Gamified engagement modules
  • Live chat integration
  • Ecommerce CRM integration
  • Visual engagement module
  • Email notifications
  • Push notifications
  • Offer notifications
  • SMS notifications

The results of using this innovative platform are

  • Increased customer retention- 20%
  • Increased customer loyalty-23%
  • Improved customer engagement-26%
  • Decreased distributor attrition-38%
  • Increased distributor engagement-27%
This article was published on 21.12.2022 by Noufal P Bava
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