Powerful, Free Tool That Gets MLM Signups, And Daily Revenue

I have not shared this with a lot of people on MLM Gateway yet, but I figured it's a good time to let some more people know about this.

I use a tool, which can be used for free, that has got me signups into my network marketing business, and a lot of affiliate commissions on other resources.

Now, I will explain the benefits of this platform, and you can decide if you think it's something useful for your own business.

So, this is what it is and how it works...

The Tool/ Website

The site or tool I am using that I believe is a great resource, is called LeadsLeap.

It is a traffic based tool, where you can advertise your business.

They offer a pro-membership and a free version of the platform.

I use the Pro-Membership, and have done so since I joined a couple years back.

Go here to get an account with LeadsLeap

The Benefits

Here is a description of the benefits this resource offers:

  • Unlimited Traffic - pro members do not need credits to receive traffic like free members do. Pro members get traffic coming in 24/7
  • Tracking - free tool offered to all members that can track where your good traffic is coming from, and even find out who is ripping you off if you're paying for traffic or using bad sites
  • Pop-Ups - Have a blog? Get a free pop-up ad to generate leads with and turn traffic into subscribers
  • The Widget - Get placed on thousands of blogs across the internet with the widget their members use on their websites
  • Autoresponder - Need an autoresponder? Now you can build a list, even as a free member
  • Leads - I get leads on a regular basis from LeadsLeap. I advertise my blog posts, and some landing pages. The longer you're there, the more it works by design.
  • Commissions - I get several commissions from advertising my resources and tools I promote online there. So the indirect income from it makes it worth the small pro membership fee
  • MLM Signups - Even these happen when you've been using LeadsLeap for a while. They are not all the time, but you see them pop up from time to time. Mostly from using their review tool.

The Income 

Now let's look at how LeadsLeap directly will pay you as a member who promotes and participates on the platform.

The benefits of the program above, to me, are worth the small fee of a pro membership. But as a free member, you will just see less of the income the site generates directly.

Here is how you get paid using LeadsLeap as both free and pro memberships:

  • Daily Revenue Shares - Everyday LeadsLeap pays it's members a cut of it's daily profits. Taking the credits earned, and divided by those who qualify. 10 views on other members ads is all that's needed to qualify for any member. Paying 5% to free members, and 10% to pro-members.
  • Credit Encashment - If you are a pro-member, you do not need any credits to get ads viewed. Free members can only get traffic until they have no more credits. So either sell the credits back to double your daily revenue, or use them for more traffic. I always sell mine daily.
  • Weekly Revenue Shares - Each week LeadsLeap takes it's weekly profits and divides it among those who qualify for weekly shares. Weekly shares are earned from outside traffic that views ads. Free members are paid 15% of the profits, and pro members get 30% of it's profits for the week, according to how many clicks and credits earned from third party traffic.
  • Affiliate Commissions - Every referral you send to LeadsLeap who upgrades to a pro membership, pays you 25% as a free member, and 50% as a pro member. These can add up for promoting the platform.

Using LeadsLeap To Increase Revenue

LeadsLeap pays out in weekly revenue shares as one of it's income sources to it's members.

So here is how you can turn the activity you do everyday into cash:

  • The Widget - Place their widget on your blog, or blogs, or any website you can, and when people click the ads on it, you get credits for weekly shares. Credits are earned by how long each click views the site. So one visitor can turn into a nice pay regardless if they buy anything or not. Similar to Google Adsense.
  • Real Tracker - By loading your links to the Real Tracker, you can get weekly shares from any clicks the ads get that you can place on ANY landing page or content post. I can take a business announcement, load it to the real tracker, then post it on Facebook and my business announcement has potential to earn me income.
  • Free Members - free members can earn you a little revenue to, since you get a percentage of credits based off of what they earned. So daily revenue shares will increase by the amount of credits your free members generate as well.

Try LeadsLeap And See

If you're not using this platform as of yet, perhaps trying it out would be a good idea.

I've earned over $80 in commissions this month alone, from just one income source on it. There's 3 more to pay out too.

Plus the tools you can use from it are extremely useful, and the traffic for a pro-member is endless.

If you're already a member of LeadsLeap, congrats, you already know how well it works for it's free and pro members.

Look forward to connecting with you there, and sharing the revenue it makes everyday as well!

P.S Try the pro-membership with LeadsLeap to increase traffic, commissions, shares, and downline. The longer you're a member, the more powerful it gets as it builds a downline inside itself for you.

This article was published on 10.12.2018 by Jaye Carden
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