How to turn #2000 to millions in just 3 months

Kigresources has taken a bold step in Creating financial job opportunity for all committed members through referral bonus, kigresources is highly interested and committed on the academic standards of their members by offering them scholarship.

Compesation plan

You +62 =#33000

Incentives you get a brand new smart Android phone,cug line for call.

Stage 2 you +62= #150000

Inentives Brand new HP laptop and Apple iPad.

Stage 3 you+62 =#1,200,000

Incetives Brand new Innovations G5 suv .

Humanitarian Bonus for empowerment #200,000 on your behalf.

Mariage  bonus worth #2,000,000

Stage 4 you +62=#4,500,000

Inentives Brandnew Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 or Kia Sorento model

Chidren Educational bonus worth 3,000,000

Housing Allowance

Family trip to Dubai for 7 days

Stage 5 you + 62=#8000,000

Inentives 100,000 bonus for retirement 


Smart Phone X-Touch E1

CUG Line for Free Calls

Automatic Qualification for our Leadership Meetings both Local and International

Automatic Migration to Board 2 (Achiever's Board)

Board 2: Achiever Board 2 x 5 Matrix.


Brand-New HP Laptop and Apple IPAD.

Automatic Migration to Board 3 (Director's Board)

Board 3: Director Board 2 x 5 Matrix.


Brand-New Innoson IVM G5 worth N8 Millions

Humanitarian Bonus for Empowerment N200,000 on your behalf.

Marriage Bonus worth N2 Millions

Automatic Migration to Board 4 (Leader's Board)

Board 4: Leader Board 2 x 5 Matrix.


Job Creation and security/ Skill Acquisition Empowerment

KIG Resource has taken bold steps in creating financial job opportunities for all his committed members, through our referral bonus without any submission of C.V or any written or oral interview. Our members don't need to be or work under pressure from the boss, or to be having the fear of being sack or loosing his or her job as a result of one company policy or a change in the company or organization. KIG Resources is now offering your a great Job opportunity today. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS NOW.
KIG Resource has given our members Amazing opportunity to acquire diverse skills in different areas of their choice which has been fully paid for by KIG Resources.

Education Bonus

KIG Resources is highly interested and committed on the academics standard of their members. Education is Power. You have no reason whatsoever for not going to school or not furthering your education to any level or stage of your desired choice within the country or outside the country, whether for your Master degree or PHD etc. 
KIG Resource has taking care of it, So we Proudly say to our committed members FEAR NOT.
Marriage Bonus

KIG Resources strongly believed that every of our committed members deserved and to have a happy marriage. For our still single committed members, no longer need to borrow or worry about money to finance their marriage ceremony or where to hire a car (Jeep) as a result of the marriage event. GOOD NEWS, KIG Resources has placed a brand new jeep and some Million naria at the completion of our Stage 3, level 5 for any member who successful completes their stage 3.
Children Education Bonus

KIG Resources believes that our children deserved the best and quality education no matter the cost because we can't bear or accommodate the consequences of ignorance. Our children need to be send to the best school whether in Nigeria or Abroad. 
KIG Resources has placed a huge sum of million naria for our children's education at the completion of the stage 4 level 5, and other great additional incentives on the same stage, which includes, Brand new jeep, International trip etc.
Retirement Bonus

KIG Resources has said "NO" to retirement at old age and "YES" to young retirement. Retirement has really become a great fear factor in the mind and life of many, base on the condition and the present economic melt down. KIG Resources has made great provision in making sure that our committed members retires in a grand - style without having any kind of fear of what will become of their life .
KIG Resources Compensation Plan is Now Standing UNBEATABLE as long as Multi-level Marketing is Concern.


Brand New Jeep Hyundai Santa-FE 2016 Or KIA SORENTO Model worth N 8 Million

Children Education bonus worth N3 Millions.

Housing Allowance worth N5 Millions.

Family Trip to Dubai worth N5million For 7 Days.

Automatic Migration to Board 5 (Pioneer's Board)

Board 5: Pioneer Board 2 x 5 Matrix.


Fully furnished 4-Bedroom Apartment in any of our estates worth N30 Millions.

Family Trip to Dubai for 2 weeks worth N10 millions.

Automatic Qualification for our Leadership Meetings both ocal and International

Retirement bonus worth N100, 000 Monthly.

on this great opportunity with just #2000, and be financially free.

or more information contact me on WhatsApp on 08096199075.

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This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Kenneth Blessing
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