How Writing MLM Gateway Business Announcements Can Build A Business


How many business announcements have you written here on MLM Gateway?

Do you truly know the power they have, or are you aware of it?

In today's post I am going to share with you why you should be writing business announcements on MLM Gateway on a regular basis. And show you just what all they can do and why they are so powerful.

The Basic Advantages

First, we will look at a few basic advantages that writing business announcements on MLM Gateway have.

These are just the standard, for sure advantages and benefits of writing a business announcement, regardless of what it is about.

#1 Credits - Well it is the only way to get credits that you have control of. Getting referrals is the only other way without purchasing, and referrals are a no control type credit source.

#2 Attention - Remember every business announcement will go to every connection's inbox. You can get the attention of everyone you are connected to (build the connections)

#3 Connections - Business announcements are also a good way to get connection requests. Try asking for them in your business announcements, and you will see more people reaching out to you.

#4 Authority - Writing lots of business announcements will show the authority you have when people visit your profile. People like to work with hard working people, so lots of announcements shows you are the one they want to work with.

The Advanced Benefits

Now let's look at some advanced benefits you can get from writing a lot of business announcements on MLM gateway. These are the hit and miss type benefits, but if you are not putting out a lot of content, you will never be able to hit the right one.

#1 Signups Into Your Primary Business - Business announcements have gotten me new team members from MLM Gateway. By writing very impressive and valuable business announcements, the right people may see it and want to join your MLM business. It is rare, but the more you put them out, the more often it starts happening.

#2 Affiliate Commissions - Even more common than direct MLM signups, affiliate commissions are made often with business announcements. By writing about a resource or a tool that can help other MLM business owners, these announcements can be good for getting those commissions here and there.

#3 Leads - Want leads? Write business announcements. I generate new leads almost on every single business announcement without fail. SO there still may be more sales down the road that have yet to buy or join my team from all the leads I've gotten from these.

#4 Referrals - Need referrals to other websites you use in your business? These announcements are great for more referrals for smaller benefits. I've built some websites I use, into hundreds of referrals, upgrades for commissions, and other benefits that come with referring others.

How Often Should I Write Business Announcements

Every day if possible.

If you have a few minutes in the day, pop one out.

Share something on your mind that's valuable.

The more you write, the more these benefits increase.

I am not able to write one every day, but I am getting to the point where I am almost doing it.

So write them as often as you possibly can, and you will understand these benefits I mention above.

Did This Help?

If this helped give you an idea or help in anyway, be sure to send me a connection request. I will accept the request so you do not waste a credit on a non-active member.

P.S Need more leads? How about high quality leads that you never have to pay for ever again? This resource here is the most powerful way to get new team members without needing a budget.

This article was published on 18.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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