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Onecoin the new Bitcoin

Did you missed Bitcoin when it came out? Do you want to invest in a Cryptocurrency but they are now too expensive? Let me introduce to you Onecoin. Onecoin is the next Bitcoin. Just started last January 2015 and the value started was at 0.50 euro. Today, the value had grown to 5.64 euro and still growing. Onecoin like Bitcoin is a long-term investment. With different packages you can avail Onecoin's benefits and weekly bonuses and grow your income.  You can avail different packages that will give you free tokens that you can use to earn coins once the barometer splits. When the barometer splits all of your tokens will be doubled.

 How to join? Message me.

Onecoin Potential Income in 5 years.

How can you earn in Onecoin?

1. Through Splits - every 3mos. the barometer reaches 100% and whenever this happen the number of tokens you have will double. Example if you have a Starter package you have 1000 tokens. When the barometer reaches 100% , your tokens will then become 2000. The same will happen with the other packages. After mining they will turn into coins. How to compute your earnings? If after split you have 2000 tokens, you have to mine them so they can turn to coins. So 2000 tokens/57 (current difficulty) = 35.10 coins * 5.64 euro (current Onecoin value) = 197.90 euro. You have already gained 67.90 euro. Every time the value of Onecoin increases, your earnings will increase too.

2. Through referrals. You'll get 10% for every direct referral.

3. Through Network Bonus - If you have left and right downlines. You'll get 10% network bonus from the weaker leg.

4. Matching Bonus 

5. Leadership Ranking

How does it work?

* Register

* Buy an educational package

* Mine your tokens

* Get direct referrals (invites are optional)

Educational Packages:

1. Starter Package - 110 euro with 1000 tokens. 

2. Trader Package - 550 euro with 5000 tokens

3. Pro Trader - 1100 euro with 10,000 tokens

4. Executive Trader - 3300 euro with 30,000 tokens

5. Tycoon Trader - 5500 euro with 60,000 tokens

6. Premium Trader - 13750 euro with 150,000 tokens

You don't need to invite if you don't want to but remember you'll get more bonuses with referrals.  

If you miss out on Bitcoin, here's your chance to get one. A new cryptocurrency that will give you great benefits. Don't get left behind. Earn in euros. Receive your cash out directly to your bank via bank wire or through Onecoin Mastercard. 

This is your chance, don't get left behind again. Questions? Interested? Message me.

You think your ready to sign up? Click this link ====>

This article was published on 09.04.2016 by Lynneth Macdonald
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