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How Did You Start Trying to Make Money Online?

Was it eBay?

I started out selling stuff on eBay. I must admit I didn't do too badly. I became what was known as a "PowerSeller". My friends couldn't believe it. Soon I was selling things on eBay for them. Anything they had lying around in their attics, basements and garages, they would call me up and ask me to sell it for them. Then I started scouring ads for items to sell by checking Craigslist. I would look for estate and garage sales in my local area. Then drive to those homes every Saturday morning to look at the items they had for sale. I could usual double or triple the price I paid for the item. As I said, I didn't do too badly.

Unfortunately things changed for me when eBay started favoring buyers a little too much. When they changed their "feedback" policy where you as the seller couldn't leave feedback for the buyer things changed. I decided the whole thing was not an effective use of my time anymore. So I stopped selling stuff on eBay.

Was it Clickbank?

Then I started down the road of affiliate marketing. A friend of mine told me he was selling other people's products online and making a percentage of what he would sell. The place where he was finding the products to sell online was called Clickbank. I made lots of money there too. I was using Google Adwords to link right to the products and it was great. But then Google changed their policy where you couldn't link directly to the product anymore and a lot of people, including myself lost out big time. It was called the "Google Slap".

Was it Amazon?

I ventured over to Amazon to do what is known as Amazon FBA. It was very profitable. It was similar to what I did on eBay but the difference was I could sell items on Amazon and ship a ton of items at one time and they would ship the items to my customers for me. Plus, the customers I was selling to weren't cheap buyers like on eBay. Amazon's customers seem to not care too much about the costs of an item. As long as the item was delivered fast and of good quality they were fine. I still do Amazon FBA, but not to the extent I use to.

Was it Network Marketing?

As you well know since you're reading this, network marketing is a whole different animal than the methods I just wrote about above. It's much more than just selling products. You must interact with people on a completly different level. I could list how, but you already know how. I think the most important thing is showing how you can be a leader.

Since we're all prospecting for new people, how are you introducing yourself to these people? Email probably? Back in the day, you could use business cards as a way to introduce yourself because more than likely you were meeting people face to face. But now, we don't have to do that. We can contact thousands of people in a mere fraction of the time it took years ago.

I've heard it said that the Internet has made it so much easier to recruit people to join you in your downline. But on the flip side, it has made it a little difficult at the same time. Why? People don't know who you are. People don't trust easily. They have this idea in the back of their minds that maybe you're just trying to scam them with your lastest email containing a link to your website.

So how can you begin to bridge the gap between making a cold contact become a warm contact?

Ever heard of a V-card? It's an online business card. If you already have one, kudos to you. Most network marketers I don't think have ever heard of one. A V-card is the same as a typical business card, only it's online of course and can be instantly downloaded to your prospects smartphone or computer to see. That way a prospect can learn a little more about you first, before they take a look at what you have to offer. A virtual business card outperforms a conventional business card many times over.

Personalize your card and use it as a powerful marketing tool! If you've never heard of a V-card before and it peaks your curiosity a bit, go ahead and click on the banner below to check it out. You'll probably want one to add to how you market and promote YOU and your business opportunity.

It doesn't matter what business you are involved with or if you only will use it for personal, use the virtual card will fit perfectly.

Go ahead and see how it works. Call this number now for a FREE demo==> 248-621-8042 


This article was published on 13.03.2020 by Frank F. Mayes
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