Rejection Free Prospecting...

I have to think about it!

Is this a pyramid scheme?

I cant afford it!

I don`t think I can do it!

These are some of the most common rejections you will come across as a network marketer.

Imagine walking up to a complete stranger online or offline and asking them to marry you?

Its absurd right? You would NEVER even dream about doing that, yet most network marketers introduce their business to prospects within the first meeting. 

Low and behold they are gob smacked when they get a HELL NO! 

They simply don`t understand WHY this complete stranger does not see how amazing this opportunity is.

They try to sell the opportunity based on their amazing founder, the compensation plan, the amazing products.

They don`t stop to realize that no-one cares about what you know unless they know that you care.

Lets take a step back to the question I asked you before, instead of going up to a stranger and asking them to marry you.

WHAT IF you were to walk up to them, introduce yourself, ask them a few questions about themselves. 

Try to establish some common ground, and then you asked them for a coffee. You get the picture right?

The same concept applies in network marketing, WHAT IF there was a better way to building your team, a rejection free way?

WHAT IF you could give away something of value to your prospects for free, something they can in turn give away for free as well. 

Once you give them this free gift, you have their contact information you can then follow up with them to find out how they are getting on with your free gift and then find out if they need what you have to offer.

Better yet WHAT IF you have the top earner in your company giving their best presentation to your prospects every single time.

WHAT IF they worked for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

WHAT IF they NEVER got sick or took any breaks.

WHAT IF they could speak to thousands of prospects for you at the same time.

WHAT IF they could gather the contact information, their photo, their gender, their location for you and a record of their conversation.

WHAT IF you have access to all this information and you could follow up with the prospect using 3 ways.

WHAT IF this system was so easy to duplicate, all your team had to do was copy and paste their referral link, promote their system and then follow up with the leads.

WHAT IF you could activate an additional income stream just by giving away this free system.

WHAT IF you could get access to this system by simply clicking HERE.

How would this change the way you automate and duplicate your network marketing business?

This article was published on 17.05.2021 by Angela Peters
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