South African First Internet Stokvel

Once off R20 3x3  forced matrix   Come join our team to help make a differance in our peoples lives.

Free guidance how to use the system. It also going internarional then there lots over spill closing any gaps.

Forced Matrix /  Duplicate three  people they duplicate you. Bring in your friends and family creat a down line with over spill. If you give out your link after your paid and registered the first 3 fall direct under you the rest fall under your down line and fill gaps.

1x3= R60 you take R50 for level 2 3x3=9 =R450  take R150 for level3 9x3=27  x R150= RR4050

take R2000 for phase 2 3xR2000 =R6000 take R4000 for level 2 9xR4000  = R36000 pay for level3 R7000x27=R189,000

Pay direct peer to peer.  

require internet banking for upgrades and where people can pay you.

a valid email account 

this can be worked on any device that has internet. We build  a strong tem so far over 130 members

join my team in a week.

Bumbano was launched end of last of October and to date got over 8000 members and still counting.

when you finished phase 1 and start Phase1  and move on to phase2

I am now hepling the people that stuggle with matrix! there are so many in needs. We hold each others hand to form a chain to link so we can have a monthly return.







then the chain should be link and top rejoin bottom pushing them up levels to reach the same goal. If we can creat a strong team.  my recruit payments are 99.9%. 

If you use your cell phone the menu has a drop box you will fine the registration form where it say sponsor 

please make sure you see the name vivienne 

in the event you don't just type it in. If you don't you end up with admin and there no overspill. In the even you can't fine a person stright away we help where we can as its team work!  with out a team we can't stand united.

So come join us! remember to make sure you see  vivienne  as your sponsor.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Advert which I'm not very good with.

This article was published on 27.11.2016 by Vivienne Hoffmann
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