The Benefit of Karatbars International

I want to get straight to the point.  I want you to think of this:

Whenever you transition (pass away), what are you leaving your children (if you have any)?  Or what are you leaving for your family?

With Karatbars International, your family will be set for generations to come.  Karatbars is literally still paying a man's wife and son five times per month.  That is right: FIVE times EVERY month, and he passed away over 3 years ago.  Five times meaning, every single Friday and on the 1st of every month.  

Let that marinate for a minute, then go and sign up for your free gold savings account:

Also, let us look into the value of your paper money.  from 1992 to let's say 2012, if you saved $200/ month ($72,000 total).  The purchasing power on your paper money is only $56,000.

Let's say you saved gold, and the value is $300/month.  Still from the same years of 1992 to 2012, your purchasing power would be $236,000.

Let's give another fun fact: Since the Great Depression in 1932, the dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power.  Meanwhile, GOLD has risen in value roughly 4,300%.

A lot of people still don't know who Karatbars International is.  It was founded by Mr.  Harald Seiz in 2011.  The reason he started this company was when in 2008 the collapse happened and a lot of people lost a lot of money,  He wanted to give people access to REAL MONEY (Gold) at an affordable rate and in smaller increments.  He also set up an option for anyone to get paid to save, IF they chose to, by telling other people about it.  

You know you should own gold, and you know you may not have the funds to buy ounces or gold coins.  So why not start with Karatbars?  

Why not register for a FREE account?  Why not be affiliated with a company that offers gold by the gram?  A company that offers Cashgold?  A company that now offers digital currency (cryptocurrency) backed by pure 24kt 999,99 gold!!! Come on!! Does it get any better than that?? 

Let's brag to our friends that we own gold!!  Okay, let's not do that, but let's be smart and think about the future, while at the same time getting paid to do it.

Please click on the link in this announcement.  It's time.

Make your day great and your family wealthy!!

This article was published on 17.09.2018 by Racquel Fisher
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Karatbars International - 24kt Gold; CashGold;, Free to join

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