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      A #cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a #digital asset designed to work as a medium of #exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions. #Bitcoin is the most well-known digital #currency but there are others. (Bitcoin, #Ethereum, Applecoin, Litecoin...). Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. In 2009 a BTC was worth only $0.05!! Sometimes it reached more than 15 000 USD!!! You get how juicy and attractive it is?. You can earn Bitcoins for free by playing Games,clicking Ads, playing digital lottery, you can also earn just by inviting friends. There are several online Business opportunities focused on crypto currencies but I made a selection of the best: 

What is Coinbase ?:

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currency. They strive to be the most reliable place to help people convert the digital currency to and from their local currency. Regiter now and discover the leader in hosted digital portfolios for assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin:

The Coinbase referral program: 

    You earn a bonus for each successful referral registered to your account. Start by visiting the referrals page. From this page you can copy your referral link or send an invite email to a friend. Your friends can click the referral link (or the link in the email) and sign up for a Coinbase account. 

They will then complete their account and initiate a buy or sell in one of supported countries. If your friend visits and initiates a buy or sell of $100 USD or more (or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) within 180 days of opening his or her account, you both will receive a 10 USD (or 10 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) referral bonus when the order completes. Orders can take up to 4 business days to complete.

More Infos: 
· In just one click you can share your referral link via Facebook, Twitter, or Email. 

· You can also import contacts from your email provider. When you import your email contacts, Coinbase doesn't store your password, and your contacts are secure. You can choose which contacts to send an invite to. 

· When someone clicks your link, you will get credit if they sign up any time in the next 90 days from that computer, even if they close the browser and come back later. 

· There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, you can also send funds to an email address. This will register as a referral as well.

   An #online #Bitcoin faucet that enables members the ability to earn bitcoins and participate in weekly #lottery drawings. Individuals who are looking to generate additional #Satoshi and Bitcoin earnings are able solve #captchas in order to accrue these earnings. While the site doesn’t rely upon initial deposits to be performed by new registered users, members are able to deposit Satoshi into their platform to generate interest on their deposits.

Hosting their platform to over 10 million registered users is quite an impressive feat. Naturally the success of FreeBitcoin has made them a target to speculative accusations and ridicule. Free Bitcoin is not a Bitcoin mining, this platform is an online Bitcoin faucet that features games, weekly lotteries and the ability to earn bitcoins every hour. Since their inception in late 2013, has grown their operation into a Bitcoin destination that supports more than 10.5 million users, has shelled out over 130,000 in Bitcoin earnings and has amassed over 100 million visitors each month. 

What does Offer? :

FREEBITCO.IN has specificity: it offers every hour free MBTC, Weekly Lottery tickets and various Bonuses (Rewards Points). Just type a captcha at the bottom of the FREE BTC page and click ROLL. A counter is triggered (countdown). At the beginning of the next hour you perform the same and so on. Free Registration link: is mostly known for their faucet based operational model where registered users solve and complete captchas in order to generate satoshi which they can later turn into Bitcoin. Featuring provably fair hi-lo games, a generous referral program along with providing an outlet to amass satoshi earnings to later convert to Bitcoin has enabled this platform to acquire millions of users over the past few years. The site claims to have over 58.6 billion games played on their platform while dishing out thousands of bitcoins to winners and those who converted their satoshi earnings to bitcoins. is one of the few legitimate cryptocurrency sites that doesn’t require an initial deposit to join their platform. Users who register through their site are able to generate 3,500 satoshi in earnings every hour for an unlimited duration of time. Even though the earning is considerably low through their platform, members are able to spend their earnings and utilize free tickets in the attempts to accrue more earnings through jackpot drawings. is a popular Bitcoin destination that reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,904 during the time of writing this review. On average the website receives over 100 million visitors per month and has been growing exponentially over the past 6 months. The site is ranked #2 among all Lottery sites and is most popular in Russia. Other countries where FreeBitcoin is popular include Ukraine, Brazil, India and Venezuela. is a reputable online platform used by million of individuals looking to earn additional satoshi and Bitcoin earnings. While the payouts may not be that high, those of you who have extra time of your hands can greatly benefit by amassing your earnings over time.  

How does work? : is a Bitcoin Faucet that lets you earn Bitcoin without any kind of investment. From a value in Balance you earn the percentage of interest shared daily on this value, being 4.08% per year. You can increase the gains by changing the RPs assigned to you in each ROLL. 
It allows the distribution of a% of the profit that the referents give us to win with their own. 
If automatic payment is chosen, there are no fees. lets you win tassel satoshis without much effort. For this you just have to visit the site every hour on the tab FREE BTC you find this table. These are the values that may go hand in hand when making ROLL. So if the countdown disappeared from the page and ReCaptcha appears for confirmation it's time for the ROLL!

It is not mandatory that you go hour to hour to the site, but the more times you manage to do it daily, the better your results will be. In the Profile tab you can deactivate the Lottery (Disable Lottery), which is why I mentioned that you can receive the tickets or not. I chose to deactivate and receive more Rewards Points instead of tickets, in a 1: 1 ratio on each ROLL. Because? This is easy, it's hard to win in Lottery, and Rewards Points work great to increase our winnings.  

What to do with Rewards Points? :

Going to the Rewards tab we have a blue list of the prizes for which they can be traded. 

I always exchange for the Free BTC Bonus and Reward Point Bonus and simultaneously! 

In a period of 24 hours after the exchange the gains will be very interesting, it is recommended that the exchange be made on a day when your access to the pc is the maximum, and avoid clear the period of the night when I doubt that someone wants to interrupt his sleep beauty to go make a ROLL.

This will allow you to see your balance increase and new reward points to accumulate.

How do you get paid with the interest rate? :

Another interesting detail recently introduced on the site, which only shows that after about 3 years of activity this faucet continues to surprise its members and looking for innovation, was the interest rate. How do you get that rate ... doing nothing! At least nothing more than we already did every day. Any member who has more than 0.0003 ฿ on the balance receives a daily interest rate. The annual interest rate is 4.08%. The daily calculation is always done at a random hour taking into account the balance of the balance and this rate 0.0109589%. In the Earn BTC tab you can find the calculator to see what your chances of winning are. 

On the one hand who does not like to secure their money in their account?. Prevents any losses due to poor site management. Although this faucet has proven its effectiveness over the years, no one can ever guarantee tomorrow. So if while waiting for a payment we are earning interest, great! We do not have to do anything to win them. If we want to play with the withdrawals and always leave that minimum in the balance because even though you earn less per day, you get some great too. 

 When are payments made? : 

   In this case there are several options. You should have already inserted in your Profile your Bitcoin Adress, I use the Coin Base Wallet. And then you choose one of the options. You can enable or disable the Auto payment on the Withdraw button. If you are active as soon as you have the minimum required to make a payment, the payment will be made the following Sunday. If it is disabled, when you want to receive it just activate it and you will also receive the following Sunday, in case you want to receive without having to pay the rates mentioned below in the other types of payment. 

Self - minimum 0.000300000 ฿ Sunday payments, no fees 

Manual - minimum 0.00033285 ฿ payment in 6h to 24h, rate of 0.00003285 ฿

Instant - minimum 0.00194240 ฿ payment in ~ 15 minutes, fee 0.00164240 ฿ 

How much referrals does it work?: 
I came to the last part of the analysis of ... the referred ones. We receive a commission of 50% of everything our referrals earn, 1 lottery ticket and 1 Reward Point. And still 0.25% of those referred to bet on the game Multiply BTC. 

We can share with our referrals a portion of what we earn from them by choosing to share a value with them or self-share an equal% of all of them, or based on their activity and the ROLL's they did during the week. 

I will share 50% of what they gave me to win, and for justice reasons I choose the automatic sharing that will be dependent on your activity during the week, so whoever "more" works, the more you will receive!. 


Whether you find the topic of crypto interesting and necessary or not...

... you may assume that the one and other crypto-currency will increasingly find its way into our everyday life. What I offer you is far more than just the material part, far more than just some crpyto...!!

I write about financial freedom and autonomy in everyday life...!!

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   Honeygain Introduces Internet Sharing Program For Effortless Passive Income. Innovative web intelligence network, Honeygain, helps millions of people across the world earn money effortlessly in exchange for the internet connection. Honeygain has become increasingly popular in recent times as a leading source of earning effortless passive income due to the disruptive application designed to help people increase their income. The crowdsourced web has literally revolutionized the use of the internet, allowing people to earn money by sharing their internet connection. Since the launch of the platform about two years ago, Honeygain has recorded growth, currently boasting a 30% monthly user base growth rate with a presence in different parts of the world.

How Does It Work :

Well, it is simple !! you subscribe :

   You confirm your E-mail adress and then you set application in your phone & computer (up to 3 devices at once). You have a gift of 5 US Dollars to start and when you reach 20 you can make cashout. By referring new members, you increase earnings.

   The internet has been described by many as the greatest human invention, internet technologies have evolved over the years, with the emergence of several solutions and the connection of thousands of devices solving various WEB questions. The global online population is over 3.4 billion people, with the emergence of smart mobile devices helping to increase internet penetration. The constant growth of the Internet, e-commerce, and web-based businesses has led to the need to analyze the vast landscape of the internet It self and its emergent solutions. However, crowdsourced activities such as Honeygain are changing how the economy, businesses, and science are done, especially in the aspect of wealth creation.

Honeygain is designed to allow users of the internet to start making money almost immediately, with a user-friendly APP that can be easily installed on any smart device and an easy registration process for a free account.

   The crowdsourced network is particularly unique as it is fortified with strong security architecture to ensure that the safety of users is not compromised. Consequently, members of the ecosystem can be assured of earning without worry while helping to reach the public web for mentionned Business Cases. In addition to earning some money effortlessly on the side, members of the network also help other internet users as well as reputable companies, with the shared traffic making it possible to create crucial online operations and streaming geo-blocked content.

Honeygain also offers users two ways of withdrawing their earnings while allowing them to increase earnings by sharing their referral codes. The earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal and Bitcoin, allowing for a lot of flexibility.

   Honeygain has literally broken the internet space in recent times, with thousands of YouTube and social media influencers speaking about the program and referring it to their audiences. It has also continued to receive accolades from different quarters, with a presence in over 150 countries and an average single payout of $26.58.

   Honeygain is the first-of-its-kind app designed to allow users to make money online by sharing their internet connection. The idea to create the crowdsourced web intelligence networkwas birthed in 2018. However, the platform has grown over the years to become a resource for passive income, allowing users to reach their networks’ full potential by getting cashback to their wallets.


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