Calling all Life Insurance Agents! Tired of paying for leads? Check this out!!

Seriously? If I could show you how to produce leads at the rate of 3-6 an hour, would I have your attention? These are people who ask you to give them a quote. And, what if I told you that these leads were, for the most part, free, would you believe me? Some don't. I am a newly licensed life agent (since last May) and wasn't producing anything and found myself floundering. I was with a great IMO that sang a good song, but when the song was over, I had nothing to show for the money I had put in and I still was had not written any business. I was on another social site one day and connected with someone that would change everything for me. He was the CEO of his own company. I hooked up with this IMO and now I have leads, clients, I've written policies and I'm making money and isn't that what it's all about? I am making 100% commissions and not being held captive. I can work anywhere there is an internet connection so I don't drive around endlessly trying to see clients and sell policies. I do that over the phone, at home, whenever I choose. And I love it because as a new agent, I am connected to tons of other agents since we are all one huge team. Our CEO is a knowledgeable leader and very hands on. We have training and a group chat. Honestly, I feel more connected as I work from my virtual office, to more people, than I ever felt connected to when I worked in Corporate America.

I come from a background of network marketing and I love building teams. I have never considered myself great at sales. I don’t have to be, however, with Aion because the is easy and as long as I’m willing to put in time every day to build my pipeline, I make money. I’ve quoted more people ever and I’m writing business! Best of all, I’m networking and learning the industry from seasoned veterans that have chosen to onboard with Aion and build their businesses whether it’s sales or recruiting or both.

Aion is disrupting the insurance industry in the way they teach their agents to sell life insurance over the phone from the comfort of their homes or wherever they want to work. This is truly an awesome opportunity! I am equally pleased to see people in the insurance industry here at MLM Gateway! Let me know if you have any questions. Watch our 15 minute automated webinar here. When you register, I will receive your information and will be in touch with you to take the next steps. My friend, you are going to love this!!

This article was published on 27.12.2018 by Joan Nielsen
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