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 Longrich multilevel marketing started in lagos, Nigeria, 2012, and has since spread all over Nigeria till date.  Longrich multilevel marketing has helped a lot of nigerians and different people from different countries become financially free. People now work from home using their phones and social media to connect with people and make money. Longrich Multilevel marketing is about telling at least four people about our products, registering them under you and the chain continues like that. there are a lot of benefits from being a longrich member among which is the opportunity to win a brand new hyundai elantra, travel outside nigeria, house award of 25million naira and many others. Entry levels include combo starter: 25dollars(9800naira) silver: 125dollars(57000naira) Gold: 295dollars(125000naira). On each individual that is registered under you, you earn a combo bonus of 2500naira, so if 4 people register under you, you earn 10000naira. Apart from combo bonus, other bonuses and incentives  you'd enjoy are  performance bonus, leadership bonus, development bonus, repeat and maintenance order bonus, platinum VIP incentives, worldwide incentives, SD worldwide incentives.

 Longrich products are products we use daily at home. Longrich products include wine, bamboo soaps, sanitary towel, toothpaste, green tea, slimming tea, alkaline cups, pots, antiperspirant dew, superbklean panty liner etc. these products work excellently for the main aim of purchase. For example, the longrich wine helps to regulate blood pressure, increases sexual libido in men and women and provides a strong immune system. There have been testimonies from women who use our panty liners and sanitary towels diligently that it regulated their menstrual period and prevented itching. 

The longrich bamboo soap works effectively in clearing the skin from pimples, acnes, etc. longrich toothpaste helps to prevent tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay. It is fluorine free decay resistant, the combination of strontium chloride and aloe Vera extract can protect the gum and strengthen your teeth at the root. Longrich pots give original flavour of the good and energy is also brought to the pot. The working principle behind it is that it can spontaneously generate resonance to automatically gather and integrate, enhance and amplify the weak and disorderly energy in space and change into a new energy field. It can also increase oxygen content of blood and enhance the body's resistance to hypoxia, fatigue and diseases. This pot is all shades of awesome. 

How to be a part of longrich? First change your 

brand to longrich, register today and make money by introducing others to longrich.

what are you waiting for, get on board!!!!!

This article was published on 13.09.2016 by Oluwadamilola Oyedokun
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