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We offer a state of the art patented oxygen tablet for your fuel gas kr diesel.  Thus fuel catalyst adds oxygen to the fuel with atoms binding the oxygen to the fuel so it burns 100% inside the combustion chamber giving you better fuel mileage 20% or more miles per gallon .  Allowing for better fuel emissions and burning out all the carbon build up in the fuel system out completely from the gas tank through the fuel lines the injectors fuel pump fuel filter combustion chamber exhaust catalytic converter and out the tail pipe .  There is a insurance policy in place covering up to 1million dollars per vehicle per occurrence ( in 25 years we. Have never read a insurance claim) its safe garuntee will not break a Warranty . We like to make certain people understand that paying high fuel prices is an option now . We have a solution to this problem and we want nothing more than to help the consumers as well as the company's.  If we give farmers and truckers. Areas on to not have to raise three price of food from growing it to delivering it to the store by helping save them 1000 or more on fuel cost a month them that will save our cost in the supermarket or stores so they don't have to ruin the world by inflation . They would have a choice to make a difference. 

With that being said I belive we have a ground floor opportunity here that nobody else can offer and we just opened up to the public at pre launch in mineapolis 2 weeks ago . This company can be taken to the highest expectations and I always hear. "If this works we can change our life's and our world " I'm here to tell you it works fabulous . I'm gaining 5 more miles per gallon in my 2020 2500 ram diesel and 16 more miles per gallon in my 2017 audi a8 4.0 sport . (I use 87 octane in my audi with one tablet ) this company is very humble with a low start up cost of only 200 for 400 worth of product . It has one of the best payplans I've ever seen in direct sales . It's the perfect product ant the perfect time and we have a opportunity to make a difference in everyone's lives that participate . They save gas at the pump and save on miles per gallon. It allows for extra cash in the pocket for

It's also a patented product and nascar has been using it for years as well as semi truck companies . Farmers . Generators. Atvs. Lawnmowers . Boats.snowmobiles ect. This works in any and all fuel. Combustion engine . We have multiple sizes depending the size of fuel tank your treating . For any and all questions or videos I recommend going to to view these and I'm here to help make better emissions and help with curbing some of the cost of this fuel tragedy in the world.  

This article was published on 23.11.2022 by Gregory Mccurtain
Author's business opportunity:

Mpg xtreme - gas fuel diesl sale, 200 USD to join
is $200 for 20 packs of 5 tank trials then its 69 a month for overhead, for your fuel savings. Patented . Insured . Nascar approved . I'm getting 9 more mpg in my 2020 ram 2500 diesel - 12 mpg more in my 2017 audi a8

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