Don't Join Ready Network because it is a Ground Floor Opportunity

Please don't join Ready Network because it is a ground floor opportunity. Sure Ready Network is a ground floor MLM. So are hundreds of other MLMs that have come and gone. And yes, people sometimes make a lot of money because they are at the top of a new company. People will sometimes get jazzed about a new MLM company simply because it is ground floor and they hope to benefit from being in at the start. However, being at the ground floor, or at the top of an MLM leg is not a good enough reason to get involved nor does it guarantee success.

So then what is it about a new MLM that makes it a GREAT ground floor opportunity. First, it is one that has a product, a service, or both that that you can get excited about such as:

. New, game changing, and exciting products.

. Products that everyone needs.

. Products that are priced equal to or less than what customers can obtain them for in their local markets.

. An MLM monthly recurring purchase that is low and that represents a great value.

. An MLM that does not require you to handle product or create more work for you.

. An MLM that is at the forefront of a fast growing industry.

. An MLM that has a generous and achievable compensation plan that has no road blocks or limits. And one where you can get your investment back quickly.

All of those reasons and more are ones that combine to make a ground floor MLM opportunity special. 

At Ready Network we have all of those bases covered!

. We have amazing products that everyone needs to protect their family's lives and financial future.

. We have things that every household should have in case of all types of emergencies large and small, including many items that are consumable which are used by the majority of adults on a recurring basis .

. Our products are of high quality and are priced below that of local markets or even huge Internet suppliers.

. The monthly requirement to stay active is very low, and you have a choice of receiving products that make your recurring purchase a great value. Furthermore, it is very easy to make that monthly recurring payment go away all together while remaining in the game and sgill receiving your product each month!

. We have a hands free business with everything from soup to nuts provided for you. You never have to handle products or have unwanted inventory.

. We are ahead of one of the fastest growing business trends in the world, and there is no other company in the world positioning itself in front of that trend. Becoming a Founding Ready Partner puts you out in front of that trend as a an unprecedented "One Stop Shop" for all preparedness needs. Ready Network is designed to be here for the long run.

. Ready network has a generous and achievable compensation plan with no road blocks or limits. You can easily join and in your first month. Earn back all of your investment and be free wheeling in the business with no more monthly outlay in your first thirty days. earn your way to a bonus of $1,000,000 of GOLD.

And probably one of the most important things that no other MLM company offers is that we are a company that is doing its part to Make America Great and Safe Again. Ready Network is a noble "business with a purpose" to make people prepared for whatever comes their way. When that inevitable large or small catastrophe hits, Ready Partners and the customers we have prepared with gear, products, and training will not only survive, they will thrive.

If any of this sounds interesting to you I urge you to contact me ASAP. While Ready Network will be a great business opportunity for many years to come, we will soon be finalizing our Beta period and we will be going into our full National and limited International launch mode. Soon after that, everyone will know about Ready Network. There are still a limited number of "Founding Ready Partner" positions left. Being involved in Ready Network at this stage is one of those "ground floor opportunities" that has all of the merits that one should demand in any MLM opportunity whether it is new or old.


Mike Huey

Master Distributor

Ready Network/Prep Store

Jupiter, Florida

561 906-2114

This article was published on 04.07.2017 by Mike Huey
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Mlm Guru Hello, I dodn't understand what you meant from this article. You said don't join yet you either copied or gave a positive review of the company. Which one do we take?  3 years ago

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