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Hello im Quinton Idleburg. I’m an independent funding agent partnered with a company called David Allen Capital. I’m a basic referral partner that simply speak with smart business owners that have big ideas and I give them access to capital to pursue objectives expansion, marketing, new equipment. Payroll or to even get through a tight pinch. I dont have any notary licensing or spent a ridiculous amount just to help myself because there is a major difference between pay to work and paying for something for work like cards or promoting. The training is free as well. 

Ask me you how simple does it get. Well, to get paid 3% to 6% for every business you help get funded and not only that get a 25% 50% of your personal recruited agents and there agents agents income all the way down a limit less downline when they join for free just like you. 2 get trained with 3 simple videos. 3 a 1on1 gameplan plan interview where we go over income goals, whys and the lovely part about that…. Man your not gonna be able to sleep tonight if you take the opportunity not because i will give you access to 16 Million U.S contact and business information to begin getting in touch within the next 48hrs. That’s how simple it is. All the tools provided to market with and get yourself educated on the opportunity. Now does that sound like something you’d pass on it okay if you do. If you dont understand I started just like you watching a video and it turned out to be one of the greatest best videos i ever watched because I could relax my mind knowing I have a way to create big time financial freedom for myself. I want to change that narrative and give back the opportunity I received and my mission is to also share values about the mentality of an agency owner. Sooner or later you’ll have your own team that the expectations that you have for yourself, you’ll be the one to encourage others to set some similar to yours for themselves. I’m not going to say too much but can't wait to meet you and this next page is the sign up page. Watch the 8 minute video by david rutz our founder, click the join now button and ill give a direct call to congratulate you on your brand new business.



This article was published on 21.04.2022 by Quinton Idleburg Jr
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David Allen Capital - Business Funding, Free to join
The opportunity is becoming an independent business funding agent. As independent agents we simply reach out and build relationships with business owners and inform them that they can easily receive funding within that same day to a week to grow.

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