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Does refer a friend marketing work and can you make free PayPal money online?

Refer a friend marketing

Online viral marketing is a tried and tested method of getting noticed and building a massive list of prospective customers for your niche product or service.

What many online marketers do not know is that it is also possible to make free PayPal money for simply building a list. That basically that means:

  • No product or service to sale.
  • No customers.
  • Just wait for your commissions to go into you PayPal account.


What is the main idea behind "refer a friend marketing" online?

Refer a friend marketing is basically how most of us purchase products online nowadays. It is mainly done by someone normally a person we like or respect who has suggested that we should buy a product. It was often called word-of-mouth advertising or later catch-phased by network marketers as relationship marketing. However, the internet has added a twist to the methods by automating it online. 

In the past, a network marketer would speak to a friend or prospect and ask if they knew anyone who may be interested in their business or product. This method has its possible aspects such as the building of personal relationships. However, it is very long winded and needs to be repeated on a daily basis for the method to work successfully. 

Using an online method to refer to new prospects has streamlined and automated everything. This has become a strategy used by many small and medium sized businesses with much success.

How does a "refer a friend marketing online" program work?

It is shockingly simple. 

Once you have subscribed to the platform your affiliate (the person who recommends the referral program) will get the first three people you refer to the platform. 

Once you have got your fourth referral, then you also will get the first three of their subscribers. 

When a downline subscribes three referrals they have the option to upgrade. When they upgrade you receive 25$ into your PayPal account. 

So simple I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself. 

Well, does it work? 

Yes, better than I imagined when I joined a few years ago. 

However, like anything, work is still required. 

This may include creating content, blogging, using social media, posting on forums, creating publications and even chatting to your social circle. 

So, if you need to create a mailing list and want to make free PayPal money at the same time click on the "Learn More" link below for more details. 


This article was published on 26.05.2022 by Steven Jackson
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