letsmultiply - donate and receive, 30 USD to join

Hello my dear friend,

Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

This project named “LETSMULTIPLY” is not a MLM, but a "business opportunity" that without question does not have a PYRAMID structure, however, this platform has actually some legs to walk on, and may even start to run.

It’s cheap, donating a 1 time fee of $30, (divided in $10 for 3 persons each), not complicated at all, and honestly it makes sense. The system works correctly and is well structured. We only have to form a team around us, donate and receive.

Your team follows you and their team follows them.

You can have unlimited followers in your team, but it’s likely to have a minimum of 5 followers.

You receive money directly, by notification and activation, so no passing up.

Join/Work/Walk/Run with serious people who want to make “a huge extra” on the side.

You are invited to team up and together, in 1 accord, make it to a higher financial level.

Teaming up, inviting, working together, we help one another achieve financial freedom.

See how to earn/receive a lot of money together as a team.

https://youtu.be/e02ZPCItlr8 <== (how it works)

Donate money, Earn/Receive money.

To register/sign up here ==> https://www.letsmultiply.com/?m=mustang44

I can be reached here ==> wepush44@gmail.com

I return ALL email.

1 on 1 chat ==> +59995278356(whatsapp)

Let’s go for it.

Hugh Lopes

I am enclosing the info on How to Get ACTIVATED. Just follow the instructions.

After joining “LETSMULTIPLY” you begin with donating to be activated.

It is fairly simple to become Activated. You will donate $10 to me ,$10 to my Sponsor and $10 to the administrator. Just follow the instructions below.

How to get yourself ACTIVATED .

Go to the WAVES tab at the top of your Lets Multiply Screen.

For Wave 1.. You will be donating $10 to 3 people (1. Your sponsor and 2. your Sponsor’s Sponsor and 3. the administrator).

You will see 3 boxes with their pictures.

Click on their boxes and you will see what payment options they have. From your payment option you send the $10 to them. You will also see a Notification box under the Gifting area.

Back at your Wave 1 screen… after you have gifted them the $10 you must also Notify them. There is a Notification box below the Gifting area that you just completed.

Repeat steps 4. & 5. For your Sponsors Sponsor box and the administrators box.

Check in with your Sponsor and send information that you have sent the $10 to all and that you have Notified them.

Then they will all activate you.

Being activated you are now READY to RECEIVE from those you invite to “Lets Multiply”.

Let me know if you have any questions (via Facebook Messenger or reply to my email. Send :“Your name, email, phone,country with LetsMultiply” so I can administer you into my contacts for instructions of the next Wave/level.


God bless

Hugh Lopes


This article was published on 05.01.2019 by Hugh Lopes
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letsmultiply - donate and receive, 20 USD to join

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