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by Wendy Blessing, published 07.04.2016
My name is Wendy Blessing and I am an Independent Distributor for RAIN International, your source for seed-based nutrition products! If you are looking for an international opportunity to change lives, through both health and wealth, this may be the place for you! All of our products are seed-based, and while we cannot guarantee specific results other than better health, many people have reported being cured of even the worst of conditions with our products. Continue reading →

7 LEVELS OF EARNING THAT WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE LIFESTYLE YOU ALWAYS WANTED WHILE GIVING YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN YOUR ENERGY BACK AND GAIN YOUR BODY BACKYOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER, HEALTHIER AND SIMPLY AMAZING!This isultimate compensation plan with a profit structure unparalleled by any pay plan in the direct marketing industry- a Plan with 7 POWER BONUSES that can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams faster than was ever possible before. Continue reading →

Have you heard of network marketing?Now I'm not talking about *just* joining a MLM company to sell products to your friends. I'm talking about Network Marketing as a profession, with strategy, goals and, good commissions.Well this is how it works. Most people think that joining an MLM company will make them money just by the act of joining and tell a couple of friends. The fact is that 97% people fail. Continue reading →

by Dennis Wood, published 06.04.2016
COINSPACE is a company that offers a Licensed Business in the area of digital Money and binary Referral Marketing System, which is among the best and most expansive business models in the world. Digital Money - called Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin & Co - are the biggest market the next 10 years and way out of the existing financial system: no inflation, decentralized, near to zero fees, instant transactions ins seconds worldwide, anonymous, no borders. Continue reading →

by cals5839 ., published 06.04.2016
Hello. My name is Cal Smith. I live in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. I am the creator of the world's first and only MLM investment club.It's a new, exciting, everybody wins, wealth building pyramid scheme based on oil. It works like magic! There's nothing to buy or sell, but produces big money almost out of thin air for our members.Membership is just five dollars a month. Even the homeless can scrape up that much and they are the people this program was designed to help. Continue reading →

by Keith Mason, published 06.04.2016
I am writing to all to see who is business minded? We are all involved in the same business. What business is that? The Networking Marketing Business. Let me start by saying, all companies have great products. If the products weren't good, they would not be in business. Everyone is passionate about their products. Well, I am not here to talk about the products, I am here to talk about the compensation plans. Continue reading →

by Samantha Moffatt, published 06.04.2016
Hello!I am currently an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.What this means, is I get the exception opportunity, to be a part of a group of fun, energetic, upbeat, loving, like minded individuals, while getting paid!Arbonne is a 36 year old global health and wellness company. We specialize in anti aging, but have products for everyone, in every age range. We focus on being pure, safe, and beneficial. Continue reading →

by James Herbst, published 06.04.2016
Hello Everyone, my background is in Financial Services. I have been in this industry for 27yrs and recently one of the advisors that I work with told me I need to look at this New Global (120+countries) Gold Program that is just takingoff in the USA. My initial response was hesitation, with questions like how much do you want from me? How much does it cost me upfront? How much is it every month? How many other companies are doing this same thing? Continue reading →

by Bernie Narain, published 06.04.2016
Our business opportunity provides you with the tools to earn money while training you to save and invest your money in a completely safe and tested environment. We are Julie and Bernie at StimeMarketing and our opportunity is with Tranont. Many of us already know how to earn money by working at a job. Our opportunity is a referral servicebased on earning commissions on services that we already consume. Continue reading →

by Lisa Digiovanni, published 05.04.2016
Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I work with a nationwide real estate investing group. We have a proven system and we are excited to share it! We are looking for people to join our team and work long-term with us. There are 2 sides to our opportunity-learning to invest through online classes and community partnerships, and earning commissions from home by creating more students and helping to build our investor communities. Continue reading →

by Susan Bartel, published 05.04.2016
Nail Notions, LLC* is going global! We are currently seeking, eager, motivated, accountable, DS Independent Consultants, Nail Techs, Students, & Retirees with an entreprenuerial mindset, to fill openings on our rapidly growing team! This position is ane-commerce, work from home, online or offline, Ind. Consultant, weekly commission,monthly bonus paid position that DOES require a small financial investment of $99 for a Starter Kit! Continue reading →

by Chris Patterson, published 05.04.2016
As an on-line business owner I tried lots of ways to make money on-line. I spent lots of months checking out all of the different ways that were suggested. Some of them did work, a little, even though they seemed to be making a small fortune for others. I sure you have seen them all too. I tried affiliate marketing... but got no customers buying from me ( I think I got one customer in 6 months). I tried my hand at stocks and shares using one of the binary options sites. Continue reading →

by Kacey Green, published 05.04.2016
How would it feel if you had the tools to take care of your family's health right in your home? A few years ago, I was struggling with my sons health issues. At the end of my rope, I made a life changing decision and tried essential oils. My life has never been the same! We have experienced wellness like we'd never known, and the financial freedom that comes with promoting a business that I'm passionate about. Continue reading →

by Michael Loyd, published 05.04.2016
I would like to invite you to Experience More, with Kyani. Kyani is a health and wellness company that grows through network marketing. I was introduced to it through my brother who has experienced a great amount of success very quickly. I was somewhat dubious at first until I tried the products. Both my wife and I experienced a noticeable difference in our energy levels, and how our bodies feel throughout the day. Continue reading →

by Sydney Cox, published 04.04.2016
Hello, my name is Sydney, and I am with LifeVantage! I absolutely love the products, as they now sponsor a professional soccer team...The Baltimore Ravens are also on the product! The business opportunity is at its best right now. It's proven the most successful people (receiving 80% commission from the company) in a NM company are within the first 125k. Right now, as you read this, we're sitting at 70,000 with a window of opportunity lasting now through the next 14-20 months. Continue reading →

I am looking for a max of 20 Individuals interested in launching a brand new product with a brand new company preparing for international expansion into Canada, Mexico, Australia & the United Kingdom. We are about to be in Pre Launch mode and I want to give a select few a chance to gain some traction before we go live. The company is called Pruvit and the product is called Keto-OS. Pruvit brought Keto-OS to market in the United States in September 2015 and by January 2016 had achieved over $25 million in sales. Continue reading →

by Tyrone Horne, published 04.04.2016
Getting started making money online isn't as hard as people think; honestly keeping it is the hard part. I am here to help you do both! This easy 3 step formula is a combination of four companies. Those companies are Traffic Monsoon, 4 Corners, Power Lead System, and Udimi. Traffic Monsoon allows you to earn while advertising any program you are apart of. There are three ways to make money with this site alone! Continue reading →

by Shelley Davies, published 04.04.2016
My mission is to help people get healthy from the inside out. These products do not cure disease but help to ease the pain and discomfort of many symptoms associated with many. From weight management, vitamins, breast health, and muscle pain from every day stress and stains. Let me know how I can help, I will lead you in the right direction. This is my journey with Plexus to a healthier body and lifestyle. Continue reading →

by Annette Dixon, published 04.04.2016
If you have ask yourself the following questions or think about them from time to time: 1. Is there something else I should be doing? 2. How come everyone else life appears easier than mines? 3. Will I ever get out of debt? 4. When will I be able to take a nice vacation? 5. I wish I had my own business? 6. I am always broke? 7. Why can't I pay my bills on time? 8. How can I provide for my family? Continue reading →

by Beverly Piontek, published 04.04.2016
My name is Beverly Piontek and I am a coffee lover! Those who know me also know that I love chocolate and I also value my health. That is why myOrganocoffee business is a great fit for me. Do you like gourmet coffee? Are you also health conscious? If you said 'Yes' to both of these questions, we have the perfect combination for you, all in one cup of kosher, Ganoderma infused, gourmet coffee. Continue reading →

Get involved with an organization that just resigns in the Joy of helping others! Jeff Bell and all of his downline are the smartest and most supportive, intriguing people in the world.For more than 40 years now, LegalShield has been offering legal plans and prides itself on providing accessible legal service to everyone at a price everyone can afford. This is not an opportunity to sell a product, this product sells itself and actually pays for itself in savings from the first time the membership is used. Continue reading →

by Elena Onea, published 03.04.2016
The Internet has brought us a lot of facilities . He has eliminated distances and has broken barriers between people . It saves us a lot of time :we buy online , sell online, pay online. Our lives are maybe half online.But there are not only benefits in it. Unseen dangers threatening us whenever sail network On-line marketers need to practice Identity Protection even more carefully than the average person online. Continue reading →

How would you like to be part of a business one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK? How would you like to benefit from Free training support and mentors that are personally committed to helping you succeed? How would you like the opportunity that appreciated all your activity? Go on free holidays? , free Pizza?. Would you like to have incentives to work towards to give you a goal?All this can be achieved form this one exstraudary company that is at the top of its game! Continue reading →

by Rodolfo Navarro, published 03.04.2016
My BizOP is based on Amway. However I've found a better way to create a network under you that can really lead to profit instead of focusing on just incomeI've created my SpreadSheet calculator to show and model this in real time. This is a great opportunity to exploit this loophole in a realistic way, that can be duplicated and taught to others under you so the cycle can go on.In this moment I'm looking for people to teach them this and if they get excited then invite them to work with me with a very precise action plan. Continue reading →

by Gomer Magtibay, published 03.04.2016
If you've been working for years and you think working harder mean making more... more hours, more skills, and more effort...This short presentation will take everything you believed and will flipped it on it's head, while you watch... ... how to work less, and make more.My Total Shortcut to $10,000 Per MonthWhile this may be counter-intuitive, it is absolutely true IF you know how, and sadly, most people don't. Continue reading →

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