A new era in MLM and Network Marketing has begun


I come in peace and bearing good news. There is a solution for those who have been pursuing the elusive success path in MLM. After over 45 years of experience in Network Marketing, I have come to some inevitable conclusions. While we must be steadfast in our desire to reach our goals, we need to be careful and selective in choosing the tools to get there.

A lot of information is available on the internet, and a lot of tools are being offered as the 'ultimate vehicle' to take us to our desired destination. The difficulty is in selecting which ones will help us the most, and be more cost effective. To the newbie, the task seems daunting and overwhelming. Many newcomers to MLM and Network Marketing simply turn their back on what I consider to be the business solution to the world's woes.

We want to reach out to those who would like to finally put an end to failure. We want to reach out to those who are facing the daunting task of finding and sifting through all that information out there. We want to reach out to those who want to help others get the kind of life they have come to love and enjoy through Network Marketing and MLM.  We want to reach out to those who care.

My partners and I have created a program in which anyone who has the intention to succeed can do so without the fear of being led astray. This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor a fly by night [here today gone tomorrow] kind of thing. Our program is a three year part-time online course in which our students are taught about what is available out there and how to choose what is right for them. There is a low one time tuition fee for the course. After a three month qualification period, our students receive monthly lessons which consist in pertinent information on subjects directly related to Network Marketing. Our Students also receive free registration into the monthly program that best illustrates the lesson's topic, and any maintenance fees each particular program may have, through the duration of the course. In other words, no additional cost to the student, only the initial low tuition fee.

Once our students are certified as such, and have completed the entire course, they own a portfolio of up to thirty paid for businesses, each providing them with unlimited monthly residual income potential; some of those businesses are already competing out there while others will be exclusive to our School.. Our students are well versed in the ins and outs of Network Marketing, and profit from the experience of those like us who have dedicated their life to this wonderful and lucrative endeavor.  At Graduation, our students also receive special purses for simply having completed the course; the amount of these purses is directly related to the grade achieved. There are three possible grades and we have a 100% success rate among our certified students. No one fails.

The purpose of this announcement is to reach out to 16 special individuals who share our views and would like to be at the forefront of this new movement. If you care, read about our program. Visit our site at:


Let me know if you are willing to help others, and yourself, finally reach there...

Special considerations and benefits will be given to those who dare. Do not hesitate to contact me after you have read the information on our site. I can be reached at:



Jacques Jaime James
This article was published on 06.05.2016 by Jacques Jaime James
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