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by Lou Anne Carlson, published 21.07.2019
So, my husband and I had a dental practice for almost 40 years and he was wanting to sell it and retire. Since I was the one who had always handled the finances I was a little apprehensive at the prospect. You see we had always made a pretty good income and we were used to a certain lifestyle. The thought of not having to go to the office Monday through Friday was very appealing, but the thought of having to cut back on things we were accustomed to was not. Continue reading →

by Tasman W Whakaneke, published 30.07.2019
Serve - Lead - Be Real Not finding what you need in our premade sections? Use Custom Content to create your own layout. The way people buy products and online has changed We're not just buying from shopping sites anymore, we're also buying directly through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even messenger! And because of that fact.... So many different business opportunities have become available and it's become quite competitive. Continue reading →

by Franto Hruz, published 08.04.2019
This Business Builder Group Projectyou want to join today!If you didn't know, all online business success has to be built on solid ground for it to last or you'll be just wasting your time and hard earned money. We are using ORU, a commission-free payment system for the reasons so well explained in the video you will find in the attached PDF File, there you can also click a link to Register Your ORU Membership with us. Continue reading →

� Simple online business that pays daily....Set up your free account for with no immediate up-front costs or website fees ✅....US based company �....No website or membership fees �....Daily Pay � � & Body Naturals uses the synergistic Healing Trilogy products formulated with the healing power of plants provided by our creator. You have the opportunity to partner with owners you can trust - who treat you like family, market ORGANIC PRODUCTS THAT WORK targeting the obesity and inflammation epidemic. Continue reading →

by Johannes Smati, published 16.08.2019
The name of the company is CROWD1(Crowd Marketing and Online Networking) the first time i heard testimonies from the members i said''yah! right it's a cliche''until i heard it from someone i trusted then i joined,today i regret for not taking an initiative of doing my own due diligence the first time i heard about the company and not waiting to hear it from a trusted friend i could have been even more prosperous. Continue reading →

I am excited to share a new opportunity! Tori Belle Cosmetics - Patent Pending Magnetic Lashes and more. I wanted to add a little flair to my toolbox of accessories and this hit the mark! Easy to use, Affordable price point, new concept, hot item in the beauty word and an amazing team of leaders sharing and caring. Developed out of a need for a better solution to bulky and hard to use products that were currently on the market. Continue reading →

Have you ever thought about hosting an International Student (also known as a Foreign Exchange Student)?The students come to USA with a Student Visa, they have full medical insurance and their own spending money.The host family provides:Food served at home (but they pay for their own school lunches and meals at restaurants).A bed (the room can be shared with a child of the same gender).Love and parental supervision. Continue reading →

by Jackie Willock, published 16.08.2019
Rodan + Fields is the #1 Skincare company in North America, and now is your opportunity to become a customer and/or an Independent Consultant-(like me)! Also available in Canada and Australia!!!***********************************My website:***********************************- Sell Products Online (Become an Independent Consultant): Are you tired of your regular 9 to 5 job, or just need an extra source of income from a reliable, well established and reputable company (no scams, no pyramid schemes)? Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 16.08.2019
Hey, how's it going?The last few days I've been talking about getting things done and not making things more complicated than they already are. Stuff like that.Today, I'm going to continue that because I was leading into something about tools yesterday, and asking if your whizzbang tools you're working, for example, is killing your business. And there's a specific reason why I wanted to ask that, and it's because I believe that the number one thing that holds people back in their marketing businesses, whether it's network marketing, affiliate, or even if it's their own thing, it's a couple of ideas. Continue reading →

by Marlene Burgos, published 16.08.2019
Hello my name is Marlene, I am a mother of a 12 year old boy and a wife. I currently live in New York and working on earning passive income from the comfort of my home. I have always been interested in the Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing niche. I've tried a few things under the sun when it comes to the on-line business but never had 90-100 percent success. I have been in the on-line business for 3 years now and fell in love with so many broad opportunities. Continue reading →

�Not sure if you've been following the progress of iBuumerang but it's nothing short of INCREDIBLE!People on my team are REAPING the REWARDS$$$!!! �➡️ I wanted to make sure you knew about some of the things that have been happening. In only 125 days since pre launch the company has aquired;✅33,000+ TSA's✅121,000+ customers✅$8.5 Million in commissions paid out✅10th fastest growing company in the. Continue reading →

by Mike McKaigg, published 16.08.2019
Hello friends!I'm proud that I get to educate people on how to live healthier lives and create a safer home for their family by ridding their homes of toxic chemicals found in national brand products and introduce them to a safer alternative.You may have seen the news about an independent study in nine European countries with over 6000 subjects over a 20 year period. National brand cleaners used only once per week had the same lung damage effect as smoking a pack a day for 20 years! Continue reading →

by Tinu Adebeso, published 16.08.2019
You Have Just Found One.....po Are u a sales rep looking for a better opportunity? Or a salary earner looking for an alternative source of income? Or a graduate looking to start a small scale business? Do you have any of these bordering you? Student loans Medical bills Tuition.  Car Loan Housing e.t.c There’s a good chance that if any of these exist in your daily life, you may be thinking how nice it would be to have some extra income. Continue reading →

by Colin Bevan, published 16.08.2019
Hi...I'm Colin from the UK. I am 58 years old and have been involved in internet/online marketing for some 6 years, on and off, whilst holding down a 'day job' but trying to make it into the 'big time', so to speak, in the world of online marketing. I have dabbled in this, that and the other over the years but the projects I've been involved in, have either folded for whatever reason or I just wasn't able to make them work. Continue reading →

When I started my online business two years ago, my first dilemma was, how on eartham I going to market my website, my business?I was running here and there to get the right business to bring in money. I had no choice, back then,on how much money I could make, but today, I'm bring you a choice on how much you wouldlike to make. This system works for USA, Canada, Australia and Worldwide.This system Anyone can successfully do, because it is designed to make you money, even if youhave never been in online business or marketing. Continue reading →

by Desmond Ezugwu, published 16.08.2019
This online platform was created for like minds that seek to raise fund($100,000) for projects within 6 months. Details can be seen from below link: does it work?This program operates on a single leg mode of registration,. This basically means that everyone who registers gets under the last registered person in system on the global scale, this means you benefit from team work and not only on your effort. Continue reading →

by Phil Schaefer, published 16.08.2019
"A Healthy Concern is a Great Beginning."- Phil Schaefer ... IT's True, but what we choose to do next is what can make all the difference. PREVENTION* is the New Health Care Reform, and it's fast becoming the New Economic Reform as well for more and more folks these days who are finding themselves in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) lifestyle.Stay with me as this is where IT gets interesting. The Health and Wellness Niche* is an overcrowded one and for good reason. Continue reading →

Bitcoin Black is an ongoing project. I am presenting it here as a financial opportunity that requires an MLM effort but with no financial obligation. You just need to sign up through these links: and to own 3600 Bitcoin Black coins when the project finally takes off. To get this number of coins, you must sign in through a sponsor’s link. Continue reading →

by Mikhail Ikpoma, published 16.08.2019
PREAMBLECloud token is cryptocurrency wallet with integrated AI trading bots. This wallet makes daily profits for you; you get rewarded for holding cryptocurrency. There were two successful wallets that preceded Cloud token: the Plus Token and WokoToken wallets. People who started at the very early days of these two successful wallets are already millionaires today.Creating millionaires from this kind of projects is not a rocket science; it is the ability to recognize a billion dollars project and you take immediate action. Continue reading →

by Jessica Stamper Bottesi, published 13.08.2019
Join my cosmetics company today!! I am with younique!! You get paid 3 hours after every sale!! Our team is amazing and always there to help!! We have new products launching in September and October that are going to take you to a whole new level in the company!!I have been with this company for 2 years and still loving it and cannot believe all the opportunities that are given to us!! We have monthly bonus’s that are so easy to get! Continue reading →

My company offers highly discounted travel, restaurantand grocery certificates to be used by your business to increase sales or use as employee incentives! If you have an online business, you can offer a certificate to the people who sign up at your website. If you work with a home party business, you can give a certificate to the host who books and keeps their party date. The certificates are a fantastic incentive for your hostess to entice more people to come to the party. Continue reading →

by Olapeju Olasokan, published 07.08.2019
Imagine a time when you can finally work because you love your job not because of financial pressures. Imagine having the flexibility you gain from working from home. Also imagine being able to wander around the world at affordable prices creating memories. If this sounds like dreams them i welcome you to embrace this opportunity and make it come to reality through this business oppurtunity.If you desire to tap into the trillion dollar travel industry, you are welcome to join my team on ibuumerang platform. Continue reading →

by Deborah Usery, published 12.08.2019
Hello, my name is Deborah and I am a former elementary school teacher of about 18 years, wife and mom of three. I have worked with 4 other MLM companies since college...and I am almost 48 years young! When I came across the company I am with now, I was floored with its Clean Living promise as well as its simplicity to their social marketing plan and their amazing love for their customers! The products which range from weight loss and health care, to nutrition and supplements, to our amazing skin care are hands down phenomenal! Continue reading →

Would you like to earn money via your smart phone? A wonderful new opportunity awaits you to turn your smartphone into earning money for YOU! It's TRUE and so simple!I am sending you this brief document below that explains a bit more about Crowd1 - a first of a kind, online network marketing company that earns money from people playing games on their smartphones! You could earn commission too, everytime someone plays games! Continue reading →

by Rockit N Rebel, published 15.08.2019
All right... back again.I'm here in San Francisco as far as the cartoon scene is concerned. Actually I am in California, but I'm a little bit east of San Francisco.Had to climb the mountain today, throw on chains and well, that was pretty rough. But anyway, looking on the bright side of things, which is why I'm having the sunny background, I wanted to start talking about stuff that people don't think about and they really should. Continue reading →


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