Tu veux gagner de l'argent à long terme sans être obligé de parrainer?


White: 99 euros / Black: 299 euros / Gold: 799 euros / Titanium: 2499 euros

Direct sponsorship bonus:

This is a bonus when your sponsored person or partner purchases one of the following packages:

99 euros (White) => 36 euros / 299 euros (Black) => 108 euros / 799 euros (Gold) => 288 euros / 2499 euros (Titanium) => 900 euros

80% of your commissions go to the account balance

20% of your commission goes to property rights for dividend payments paid quarterly


36 euros commission for a package of 99 euros

28.80 euros - go to your account balance

7.20 euros go to property rights

Streamlining bonus

A line indicating your level of trade movement based on your own effort / performance and the performance of your team, including spinoffs.

When you reach level 15, you earn 2,250 euros forever and this, every week, on Wednesdays.

What is the Premium of Fear of Losing

Bonus that qualifies when you recruit 4 members into the company "within 14 days of joining the company"

"The fear of loss bonus is paid according to the package purchased"

White - invite 4 members => 125 euro

Black - invite 4 members => 375 euros

Gold - invite 4 members => 1000 euros

Titanium - invite 4 members => 3000 euros

Binary or tap bonus

Each new registration gives you a different amount depending on their package level and your unbalanced points in the left / right binary leg.

You need a member to personally sponsor with a paid plan in each leg to get active payments and earn for life.

White - win 18 euros Up to 36 euros if you have unbalanced points to withdraw.

Black - earn Up to 108 euros if you have unbalanced points withdraw.

Gold - Up to 288 euros if you have unbalanced points withdraw.

Titanium - Up to 900 euros if you have unbalanced points withdraw.

Potential bonus or pending money

The funds due, ready to be released when the points of your left and right leg are unbalanced, 90 points left / right, will only release 36 euros and the balance will be spent on a strong leg (depending on the package purchased)

These 36 euros will be divided into 20/80

80% will go immediately into your balance

20% will go into your property rights

What are the property rights?

These are profit parties, these accumulators are bought according to the package and the points thanks to the performance of the team.

Matching bonus

The matching bonus towards a low percentage on the binary bonus of your personally sponsored teams!

The number of your individually sponsored members and your membership package defines the level of match.

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