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Born 1974 in the small village of Waterfoot, Rossendale surrounded by the mill-towns of East Lancashire, I was raised the proper way as they say up North by my amazingly honest hard working and loving parents. The norm was to finish school at 15/16 and get a job in the factories, live a little and then have a family of your own to repeat the cycle. I finished school at 15 and got a £2 an hour job in the local footwear factory for a couple of years until one day I found a flyer on my car offering a dream lifestyle as a distributor with Herbalife. I called the number and spoke to a guy called James for a little while, then filled in an application form on the website that he emailed to me and met up with him for a chat. I signed up, tried the products for 2 weeks and knew that this was for me, so I handed in my notice at the factory and started to work from home on a full time basis with no experience or finances to fall back on. It was basically all or nothing, but if I was going to do it, I wanted to give it everything I had.

Support was good, the products great and the methods were back then the only way to network market and what we consider to be traditional methods now. I built a large team quickly and thought I had made it due to the income flooding in and new lifestyle that I was becoming accustomed to. I was wrong, very wrong. I did not learn how to help my team or how to duplicate and my team disappeared quicker than I could recruit them. Something was wrong, I knew it, but didn’t know how to rectify it. My upline had left, his upline was in Australia and contact was not that easy back then, so I needed to make changes myself.

I began scouring the internet for ideas and to understand the whole industry better and soon realised my mistakes, but it was too late, my income had dried up and I had not built up a customer base, so needed to start over. During my time spent online I discovered many other ways to work from home and earn money although none of it was residual income, but I needed to earn quickly, so I started affiliate marketing and learned all about search engine optimisation. This allowed me to earn money and continue working from home, but also completely on-line which is where I began to meet experienced network marketers and entrepreneurs that provided me with a wealth of information, methods and a complete understanding of all I needed to know to continue working from home. Once again I built up a good business with Herbalife starting with a customer base with friends and family before building a team, but personal circumstances changed and I relocated 250 miles to Swansea in South Wales. I found the move difficult and had so many early problems making it extremely difficult to keep my customers as well as find new customers in a new surrounding so far from home, so jumped back online to create new income streams once again in SEO and affiliate marketing. Rather than starting for a 3rd time with Herbalife I decided to join several MLM companies and learn different techniques from how each company duplicated their business building plans.

After a few years I realised that I would be better off not dealing with diet or wellness products for various reasons, but mainly because there were so many fellow distributors and new rival companies opening all the time, so wanted to find something that didn’t require product training with customers to free up time and that didn’t require me to sell to my friends and family. I found that there were lots of websites offering what I required and set about getting started and building up a business plan. I joined several revenue sharing websites, a company then called Viral Angels and a few affiliate marketing companies such as Clickbank.

Everything was going to plan for the first 6 months and then all of a sudden it all started to fall apart again. The revenue sharing sites began to stall the earnings before shutting down taking with it all the money I had invested in them and there was nothing I could do about it. Viral Angels now Angels Business Club (ABC) was building nicely, but only in terms of what I had invested, so I quickly started to use it differently to earn money daily and build a team to pay me bonuses each month and this has now become a big business for me. The affiliate marketing was also earning me money, but not much, so I carried out more research only to find that in all the time I had been doing it, I had not been building an email list which could have been earning me a lot of money on autopilot, so steps were quickly taken to resolve that and I started to build up my e-mail lists.

Since then, I have spent most of my time exposing scams and seeking further income streams that are simple enough to build quickly before automating them as well as building my core business and residual income. ABC is now a passive income stream like most of what I do which allows me time to help others build their income and pass on my experience and knowledge. 

To find out more about my main business Angels Business Club, please click here and you can even sign up for a FREE account.

Or to find out how to build multiple income streams, please contact me.

I look forward to working by your side to create a financially secure future for you.


This article was published on 11.05.2016 by Andrew Smith
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Andrew Smith Many thanks Albert and yes many lessons learned.   2 years ago
Albert Koomson I really like your story! Lots of very practical experience and some good lessons learnt  2 years ago

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