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With just 6600 you could be the reason why that child won't drop out of school bcos of finances. For info,call or text whatsapp 08024238107 to join Helping hands international @ www.helpinghandsinternationa.biz. 


1.Make sure YOU have read and understood what we stand for as an organization , what your benefits are and what are expected of YOU to do in other to get the benefits. If YOU don't know this yet, pls kindly visit our website www.helpinghandsintebrnational.biz and carefully study it.

Once YOU are armed with full knowledge of the opportunity, its now time to join. YOU need to make a donation to the tune of either

1. $40( N6600 Nigeria only) for just one account.

2. $120( N19800 Nigeria only) for opening three accounts

And you can also check this www.swissgolden.com to invest in gold,money back guarantee. Contact 08024258107

Swissgolden deals with 24karat gold the purest and finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights and sizes ranging btw 1grm-100grm.

The company is registered in the British islands and have offices in london and Germany.

The aspect of the business that is particular to us is the bonus scheme and residual or passive income.

The business Comprises of 5 parts/tables;

Prelim table 220€ (85-95k) bonus earned 800€(270k-280k)

Main table 720€ (300k) bonus 1890€(640k)

Prelim vip table 1050€(450k) bonus 4000€ (1.6m)

Vip table 2800€ bonus 28000€

Vip+ table 9800€ bonus 98000€

When you register as a partner all that is expected of you is to recommend "only 2 people" to invest as you did and they equally duplicate themselves. The table is closed and you earn ur bonus. But if you have a million people you bring them in and support your team members. #Teambuilding

The earning come in gold and you either request delivery or sell back to the company for your cash

Unlike other MLMs, you can only grow if your downlines grow- meaning you have to work as a team with your downlines so everyone earns as this is KEY to everyones progress unlike in other MLM where only the one at the top keeps eating and having their cake. 

Swiss golden is just a few years in Nigeria - the early entrants are the ones that make the most success. The earlier you key in the better. You work towards becoming a leader which attracts many other financial gain and travels plus gold gift benefits.

This article was published on 09.07.2016 by Sabdat Abdulmalik
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