How To Start A Home-Based Business With Automated Online Marketing Systems

The idea of starting a home-based business is extremely captivating to most entrepreneurs.

However, the problem that most home business entrepreneurs face is not the fact that they can not find and attract new partners or customers, it's that most of their own team members cannot grow.

For years, I personally faced the problem of having to always be active in my own home-based business because my team are too dependent on me.

They rely on me to build the systems, run the support for their own team members, and always having to consistently talk to their prospects for them whether in a one-on-one, small group or seminar environment.

With this type of dependency on me being there, it was soon evident that it would be impossible for me to build myself a passive income model where the team members can simply run themselves.

That is... Until I discovered the power of Internet Marketing.

As an Internet Marketer, I became involved in the development of online systems that have the capability to generate leads, take the leads through an automated sales funnel, which ultimately takes them to a full-blown opportunity sales letter that explains the entire business to them.

It worked very well... For a while.

To those who already have online marketing skills and know how to drive traffic, it worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, the problem then occurred when those with no online experience joined the team, and despite the tremendous amounts of Internet Marketing training we provided for them, this is very much an acquired skill, and many simply could not grasp a hold of fully utilizing the system.

They were losing their patience with the free methods, and they were losing money on the paid methods because of the steep learning curve involved. 

Eventually, 90% of them simply gave up.

In the end, we realized the ones who actually stuck around were those with traditional personal selling skills, and that is exactly how most of them are now building their business.

The solution?

We went back to work to find another opportunity that already has the functionality of the perfect online marketing system that solves all the problems we previously faced.

That's because with this new system, it will actually generate leads automatically FOR you... And the system also automatically follows up with all the leads and convert them into customers and distributors, too.

In other words, the system builds the entire team on your behalf at lightning speed!

The best part is that anyone can lock in their position on the Powerline for FREE so not only can they see it in action, it also makes it so much easier for them to convince their leads that this is a powerful system.

Would you like to take a free test drive?

With no obligation, you can lock in your position for free here:

Then, literally within the next few minutes, you will start to see your team grow, and you are qualified to earn commissions on every single one of them who upgrades.

In fact, this online marketing system is so powerful that EVERYONE qualified to get paid every single week!

Even if you have not done a single thing, you WILL earn commissions.

But that's not all... Because just like with any company, there are many teams out there for you to choose.

Why our team?

To give you a better idea on our team and all the unique benefits you will be getting when you join us, I have personally recorded a 25-minute video that explains the whole thing.

It's called "Home-Based Business Success Secrets" and also contains 10 secrets of building an automated online-based home business.

You can access it instantly here:

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me directly.
This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Simon Leung
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