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Get your free email lists for marketing - Are they worth the hassle?

Some of the best mailers online can be an asset to your business, but as they say, "there is no such thing as a FREE lunch"

When many of these platform use the work FREE they mean free from any financial payment or at least any financial payment for joining the platform. However, that does not mean time freedom or paid upgrades, which I believe if you are offering something for FREE is fair enough.

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Is a free mailing list software worth the hassle?

I guess it depends worth you have the available cash or not. 

If you are trying to run an online business on a budget and you have the time then anything free is going to be more money in your pocket.

What type email lists for marketing platforms are available to you?

There are 3 types worth considering and they are:

  • Safelist mailers
  • Blogging and SEO
  • List builders

Safelist mailers

A safelist mailer is a platform that one can subscribe with the requirement that you will be willing to receive emails from others using the service. The subscriber to the service is able to send emails and share adverts using points gained from viewing others emails. This is very time consuming method, however if you are willing to put the time in certain products do get purchased or services are joined.

Blogging and SEO

Even though, generally it does cost something to run a blog, it is also possible to run it for nothing by using platforms like Medium or even Google blogger. Again, blogging is time consuming and does require a element of skill such as understand SEO and of cause writing.  The main benefits regarding free email lists for marketing is that as you create a following from your content you will also create a mailing list from people subscribing to your newsletter.

List builders

There are a few interesting lead builders available online and they all have a different way of helping you to build a downline or a mailing list. I have been checking out many of the ones available online and found one worth looking at on the link below.

Free email lists for marketing

What is the best mailers list generator for someone new to the industry?

The key to a good lead or list generation system for someone new to the industry is that it is a simple, understandable system that anyone can use. A bonus would be that there was a possibility of making some money, receive some marketing tool or content and upgrade if the subscriber thought it was worth it. If this  sounds interesting click on the link below.

Best list builder online

This article was published on 21.06.2021 by Steven Jackson
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