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A little about me.

I started this journey for me.. those that know me know I don’t do much for me. I will give and give but not stop to think about me. 

Over the last few years I have been on a spiral. My work life has been stressful at time (loving it now though) and I haven’t taken time for me. 

I was taken to the doctors by my daughters as they realised I was stressed and depressed. Even walking into the doctors office I was confident that these 2 beautiful girls were worried about me for nothing!

I sat on that doctors chair and he just started talking to me as a person, he asked how I was feeling (and of cause I said I’m fine) then all of a sudden I broke down..... I felt stupid, why was I crying in front of a stranger? WTF?

It was at this moment I knew I needed help. 

He said I should go on anti depressants. Again I told him I wasn’t depressed (was this guy crazy?) I also told him I didn’t need a to make me better, I just needed to get past this hurdle and I could do it myself! 

He explained the number of people in this situation in Australia and even that he had gone on tablets for 12 months as he had been in the same position. He said the right things to me and made me understand where I was right at that moment. So since then I have been on a well know depression medication. I was embarrassed at first but to be honest I don’t give a rats now what people think because it has helped me..

Now over this time the weight has piled on and ANYONE that know me knows that is like death to me. When I was younger I was diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa. So my weight has always been an issue.

I had just finished a round of prescription medication to lose some weight about 3 weeks before starting my journey and it did nothing! 

So around this time I saw an ad pop up on Facebook (funny how they advertise at the right time to the right people lol). It was about a program for gut health. I had never heard of it before and in true me style... I investigated and investigated. I reached out to a lovely lady and she gave me information.

I signed up for this program with trepidation. I had no illusions that this could be a miracle diet or it was even going to work as so many other things I have failed at (ps again if you know me, failure is not in my vocabulary, so this hurts).

47 Days in and I was down 13.8KGs . I have now lost a total of 29KGs (in 16 weeks) and maintained it for 12 months now. I am so happy. I now have control over my weight.

This is the story behind me becoming a mentor. When I saw this worked I just wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I paid just $60 AUD (paid annually)  and $10 per month for marketing to become a mentor. Each month you purchase 150 points in products yourself to trigger bonuses. 

Full training is provided for you to become the best mentor you can be, I am blessed to be able to help others achieve their health goals

I can add you to a closed group of 400K + people so you can see their progress and journeys if you like and also pop you into my personal group. My personal group is people in the program with me as their mentor :) 

This article was published on 26.04.2021 by Chez Kennedy
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Losing it together - Weight loss, health, 47 USD to join

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